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end of December 2000: Now added:
*Part II of Leron's Guestpage (hope you like it Leron),
*New Gallery additions of Five Star's "Shine"-period,
*The 2001 remix-project Conclusion so far, on the News.

10-12-2000: *In the last couple of days I've tried to "fresh up" the page as good as possible. Doing the Links-page I noticed that there were two Five Star Fan-sites which stopped unfortunately...
-The first one is "Newman's Five Star Excite Site", which started in March '99 and was hosted by Michael Newman. Maybe he will let us know why he stopped making this site...?
-The second one is "Five Star BBS Member Page", and was hosted by Ser Olmy. The reason why he stopped is written on the page: "Unfortunately, I will no longer be able to continue to update this site. If anyone is interested in taking over, please contact me so I can mail you the photo's:"
*The best 5 Star X-mas gift I could EVER get is undoubtedly a DVD full of Five Star video's & extra's. Out of frustration I've designed a DVD cover for it on the "Wishing On A (5) Star"-page (please Buster, hear my x-mas!).
*Because of it's reasonable succes, I've made a special "Guest"-button for the Guestpages on the "Index"-page.
*Check out the "News" (again). The reactions are coming in now. If you didn't react yet, please do, thanks!
*This was a small Update. Coming up (next week):
- More ((GREAT)) fresh pictures from Leron's
  "360 Club
"Exclusive"- Day" !!!,
- New "Gallery" additions,
- The 2001 remix-project Conclusion,
- and hopefully some more fresh NEWS....

04-12-2000: Finally another Update, one month later...As many know by now, I had some serious difficulties with my computer lately. But it seems the problems are finally solved. So where were we...?
* O yeah, Five Star's still "on the road" (performing  as an official three-piece now), promoting there comeback and new album. So here is a fresh story & 4 new pictures from a performance in "The Hop" LA. Send in by Darron Smith, captured in a new Guestpage.

More Updates coming soon.

07-11-2000: *Although I didn't see the "5 Star Weekend" myself (yet), still I managed to make 3 new Guestpages full of videocaptures, send in by a friend. THANK YOU!
I was working on it the whole evening (((tired))) so I hope you'll like it! Go check it out and enjoy! :)
*For more videostills on "Top Ten", check out Michael's Five Star Service Online (I know my "Top Ten" caps are looking quite similar, but there are some differences to detect, lol!)

09-10-2000: There aren't too much official pictures available from the "Heart & Soul" period. But still I managed to collect three galleries full of them. Scroll down to the Gallery '94-'95 pic, click & view it!

06-10-2000: After a 3 year search I finally had the pleasure to receive the rarest duet of the century between Matt Goss & Denise Pearson:
"This Pain"!  A very big THANK YOU goes to Julian in the UK!!! You're the greatest! :))
I just finished to write down the Lyrics for all of you.

03-10-2000: *Because TENT Records is online now and some things are for sure, I've changed some pictures on the Albums & Index-page.
*Thank you all for the emails I received last week according to the new "Specials"-page. I've added some more Soundalikes, send in by other Fans!
*TENT is the News at this moment ofcorse...

26-09-2000: *Just a few days to go for the re-launch of the new TENT-website. I feel excited already...
*A new page is born! For one week I worked on a new idea called "Specials". Check it out, I hope you'll like it :).

20-09-2000: It just feels ok to update the site bit by bit, every week. So, here are some more (sorry for the little News, do understand that I'm only the messenger..):
*I've made some changes to the Albums-page. I've listed all albumtracks now (Major T.!), singles marked
*Small additions on: My Collection '87 (new stuff marked green), Wanted and a new Lyrics & Updates-banner.
*I guess the orders are coming in now for the Oct. 20th performance. Some News about the performance.

14-09-2000: *Still not much news. So, another page has been redone. I've added more 5 Star stuff to "My Collection". Also, it's possible now to link the collection to pictures.
*I've managed to collect some News (but it seems difficult these days..).

*While there's little news, I had the time to change the pages a bit. Pages that were "redone":
- Index: I refreshed the "home-page" with less GIF's (I think too much looks ugly and cheap), and I've redone the index-buttons and home-banner. They are not flat anymore, but a bit 3D-ish.
- Related: I added some more 5 star-covers to this page and gave it a better overview.
- Albums: I just thought the pics were too blur, so I scanned everything all over again and "cleaned" the place a bit up.
- Linx: A new banner, and TENT Records on top while we counting the weeks with them till it's official re-launch.
- News: You don't have to scroll down that much anymore. The months are categorised and archived now.

14-08-2000: *Check out two brand new songtexts of the new album on the "Lyrics"-page.
*Today's the day of Five Star's first Comeback-performance since 5 years! So, check out the latest News on their LA performance this afternoon. And have a fresh tape in your VCR to capture every possible glimpse of Five Star on all the different TV Channels... :)

10-08-2000: *All recent Guestbook entries are finally approved. Thank you all very much for your continuing support for Five Star and The Five Star Channel!
*Thank you a thousand times, Jonathan from the UK, for the complete novel (with original cover) of Lorraine's "Her, Me & Reality"! I received it today. Talking 'bout her:
Happy 33th B-Day Lorraine! Hope you had a good one :)
*Because a lot of Fans (incl. me) use the I-music bulletinboard for their hot 5 Star discussions, the message is brought to us that Buster and the rest of the Family read the messages on the board quite frequently. RDMJ Management also released some news on the I-music BB on the 8th of Aug.
*Go see the News today: with fresh exciting News from RDMJ, and an email from Buster!

30-07-2000: *For the people who where so kind to write something in my Guestbook: momentarely the  htmlGEAR's servers are down, meaning that I cannot approve your entries at the moment...This is already for almost 2 weeks, so I hope it will be up and running very soon now!
*Positive news now. This website has reached a record number of visitors this month. July has at this moment almost 700(!) visitors, and still counting. Including "new" Fans from Japan, Mexico, Singapore, Iceland & Spain.
*As many may know by now, I keep the Fans up-to-date with a special 5 Star-mailing list. If you want to be on it just email me and you'll be added automaticaly on the list.
*Also, if you have some special photo's or/and text of Five Star you want to publish on the internet, you can reserve a page on The Five Star Channel. Just send everything in by email, and I will make one special page just for you, for free, on The Five Star Channel. More info about this project coming soon! Mailing me about this is already possible.
*I received almost everything of my Wanted-list last week on video!!! Almost 3 hours of rare Five Star material. Thanks to Martin, you've made my week bearable!
*Well now, ready for the News?!

23-07-2000: All the problems with pictures are solved.
I will place continuously Tour-info on the News section when available.
Michael "Five Star Service" Silvester updated his page with some more great pics & info, check it out on the Linx-page.
GREAT News on the "Radioscope"-website!!! (Thank you Leron & Jennifer for mailing me this!)

12-07-2000: Unfortunately there are some problems with the new pictures I added to the page. I don't expect this to be a major problem, so I'll try to fix this today.
More News about the Tour and album!

11-07-2000: Five Star's third Smash Hits-Top 20 appearance is added now.
Last week I received a bunch of "Wanted" material from Fans and ordered from the net! Including, I Give You Give Remixed 1996, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons UK & diff. lay-out version, The Walt Disney Peter Pan Medley on cd & the Ben Liebrand-Luxury Of Life-Megamix on tape. Thank you!

1-07-2000: Just when I said there was no news, I received an email from Five Star's American Tour Management. Curious?

30-06-2000: No signs or words from the Five Star-camp at this time I'm afraid. There's a lot going on, but I don't know what. The only News ofcorse is Smash Hits!

12-06-2000: I've changed the index/Homepage a bit with a homemade "comeback-banner" thanks to Five Star's first sign of return in "Smash Hits".
For this I've used a photo of Five Star from the cover of the same Smash Hits, 1987.
Yes, from the same photoshoot as for the May 2000 issue.

30-05-2000: I had to add some more stuff on my "Wanted"- list I'm afraid. For the people who promised me the other items: THANX, just can't wait!

I have to admit, there's not much Star-News at the moment, but I managed to found just enough for you!
Welcome new visitors from Denmark, Brazil, Italy & Sweden. Hope you'll all like this site and the other 5 star sites on the Linx-page!

16-05-2000: Fresh News release!!! Check it out, it's about time isn't it?

12-05-2000: I've redone the Linx-page, just to improve the overview.

10-05-2000: First of all, I've received some emails from people who ask me when the new album will be released. It is true that I hear some info about the new album but as you may understand, it's better to release the news when everything is certain and definate then giving people false hope. But believe me, as soon as I can give the news, you will be the first to read it on this site!

As for the Comeback-Survey, Buster still has to reply on that. Who knows, maybe after this Update...

And last but not least, Lorraine's Profile is ready! Check it out.

28-04-2000: "The Five Star 2000-Comeback-Survey Conclusion" is ready. Enjoy the reading.

20-04-2000: I've created a "Five Star 2000-Comeback-Survey" (what a word!), just to give Buster and Five Star an idea of how fans think of the return of our fave stars...Please fill in this form, as I'm gonna send all the results directly to Buster in the following week!!! Thanx! ;)

13-04-2000: A completely new turn for the site. From now on I will receive any Five Star News straight from Buster's spokesman in the Benelux (and he speaks Dutch! Yippee!).

The title of the single I Get So High is now definately changed in     I Get Such A High.

11-04-2000: It's quite obvious why I released Del's profile especially today. So here you have it, HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY DELROY!

Here are the requests for the Lyrics Page so far. Thanx for asking me the difficult ones, lol! Let's see if I can figure out these songs asap...

03-04-2000: I've made an Update page. Just to inform everyone what exactly has been changed on the pages.

02-04-2000: I found time today to add some GIF's to the pages. Something for my Guestbook, Linx, and an eye checking out my personal page.

YES! Finally, for the first time, I received a personal email from Mr. Buster Pearson (((PROUD))), with some Benelux-news! Thanx Buster for calling the channel brilliant, :))

31-03-2000: I  got so many requests about a Lyrics-page that I decided to make one, at last...One problem though, where can I get those Lyrics from Rock The World, Five Star and Heart & Soul ? Maybe somebody wants to help me out? (hint!). Now added: "Through The Fire".

I found some All Fall Down MP3's. Added on the Albums & Hall-ey Profile pages.

"The Five Star Channel" : ALWAYS Updated!