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- You have lot's of rare Five Star pictures?
- You have an unique Five Star-story to tell the world?
- You're too busy/ lazy to make a webpage?

-You're satisfied with the ones below?
- And you want the same reactions/credits as the webmaster?

Then this is the chance to make yourself known in cyberspace !

A very reliable and fascinating look into Five Star's History.
Four pages (!) in the words of Mr. Beekvelt who was very close to the Pearsons in the '80's and '90's. He was also the representative in the BeNeLux for TENT & Five Star last year.

Four nice pictures and a great story from Five Star's performance at "The Hop" in LA, 11/11/2000.
Send in by Darron Smith.

Two pages full of videocaptures from the "Five Star-weekend" on Channel 4 & 5.  Broadcasted on Sat. 4th & Sun. 5th of Nov. 2000. Send in by a friend (who wants to stay anonymous).

First one send in by Leron "Mr. Five" Peterkin.
An enjoyable story and some good pics made at the 360 Club in

LA, 20th Oct. 2000 (the "Exclusive" interview). Also added: an extra page with more unique pictures from that day!

- Drop me an email, and I'll be happy to make
one just for YOU!