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I've heard a lot of times that certain Five Star songs just sound the same like other artists songs. Not all ofcorse, but enough to list & analyse them. Mind this: being a "soundalike" doesn't mean that it is :) Five Star!


*The Love You Bring To Me (Shine '91):
From the first beat till the first chorus this is almost an exact copy of Michael Jackson's "The Way You Make Me Feel" ('88). It's a Pearson-production, produced by Buster and written by sisters Lorraine and Denise. Although this is a very obvious soundalike it is really a great production with a (fortunately) fresh and original chorus.

*Hard Race (Between The Lines '87):
Only the very first accords are giving you the impression you're going to listen to Cyndie Laupers "Time After Time" ('84). The rest is original and strong, making this a true Five Star-anthem. Again produced by Buster and written by Denise.

*Someone's In Love (Rock My World '88):
Reminds a lot of people of Madonna's "Holiday" ('85). I understand the comparison but on the other hand I see this as a typical Five Star song.
Also produced by Buster, written by Doris and Delroy.

*I Give You Give (T.C. Curtis remix '95):
This has almost the same beginning like Bobby Brown's "Two Can Play That Game" (remix '92). Also, another soundalike part; Doris sings "shoo da da, shoo yeah, shoo da da, shoo be do be doop yeah" (or something like that), and that's an exact expression coming from Janet's "Alright".

*When You Get Home (Heart & Soul '94/'95):
This definitely must be the best soundalike ever, "just" discovered by Leron ("Mr. Five"). Listen to Alexander O'Neal's "The Morning After" ('91), and you'll see what I mean.

*Surely (Jason Hess remix '95):
Also discovered by Leron, but it's not an obvious one.You have to listen well to to hear the similarity to Mary J. Blige's "My Love Remix" ('92?) and Doris' & Delroy's "Surely". Leron describes it like this:
"Heavy D. is rapping in her song. He raps, "I've got nothing but love for you baby, I've got nothing but love for you baby, HEAR ME NOW." If you listen to Surely when it first comes on, you hear the "Hear me now" part there. It also samples some of the beat. If you listen, there is a sound there that sounds like someone is clanging two glass bottles together, that came from the Mary J. Blige remix as well. It goes on through the entire song. I hope any of you who have the remixes can figure out what I'm talking about!"

*Treat Me Like A Lady (Shep Pettibone remixes '90):
-(send in by Leron):
"Now, to the Shep Pettibone post-produced remixes of "Treat Me Like A Lady" they sound just like Snap's "I've Got The Power".
Cathy Dennis' song "You Lied To Me" has a quite obvious sample of Doris' "Treat Me Like A Lady" (Shep Pettibone remixes)  Also, it is rumored that Madonna sampled Five Star as well.  Of course she's worked with Shep for many years and Five Star has too! She (Madonna) is said to have sampled a bit out of "Treat Me Like A Lady" as well. 

(additional info: on "Why's It So Hard" from the album "Erotica").

*Let Me Be The One (Luxury Of Life '85):
-(send in by Leron):
"Let Me Be The One" by Five Star is very similar to "Hanging On A String" by Loose Ends and this is no coincidence because they produced it".

*Going With The Moment (Heart & Soul '94/'95):
-(send in by Leron):
"This song has the same backbeat from the remix of "That's The Way Love Goes" by Janet Jackson". 

*Shine (Shine '91/'92):
-(send in by Leron):
"Do you remember Taja Sevelle?  Well she had a song out in '92 called "Trouble Having You Near" and it sounds exactly like "Shine"  Of course it does because Ian Prince produced it. Then there's Sheena Easton's song called "Somebody" sounds like "Shine" once again".

-(send in by Sven from "The Five Star Homepage"):
"SOMEBODY" by Sheena Easton.. do you know this Song ??
I send a friend this Song and he was asking me "is this Shine Part 1"
???????????? :)))))))) The Song is GREAT... if you like the SHINE Album, you will like this too ..ach the WRITER was IAN PRINCE.. so its not a miracle hehe.He wrote another Song "The first Touch of love".. .its a pitty that no songs was a Single Release... you should check these Songs, because if you like the "Shine" Album you will like these Songs too :)"

*Come To Me For Love (Shine '91/'92):
-(send in by Larnzell Harper Jr.)
"COME TO ME (FOR LOVE)" from 5 Star's SHINE release sounds very close to Soul II Soul's hit, "Back to Life (back to reality)" that featured Carol Wheeler on lead".

***Did you also "discover" some other 5 Star-soundalikes? ***
Don't hesitate and email me so I can add it with the other ones.