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7" The Slightest Touch  
7" The Slightest Touch Box ltd. edition includes 2 singles and 5 colour photographs
12" The Slightest Touch  
12" Are You Man Enough? US only, with "Englands's #1 group 1987" promo sticker
VIDEO Silk & Steel contains 6 video-clips
12" Family Ties (5 Star/Jets Medley) UK DJ's only  "Disco Mix Club"
12" The Slightest Touch US only, Disconet edit by Tuta Aquino
7" Whenever You're Ready  
7" Whenever You're Ready ltd. edition fold out picture pack
12" Whenever You're Ready  
LP Between The Lines  
CD Between The Lines  
7" Strong As Steel fold out poster sleeve
12" Strong As Steel  
12" Strong As Steel different picture sleeve, includes "the five star hit mix"
VIDEO Between The Lines live at Wembley, children of the night tour 1987
BOOK 5 Star, The Anabas Look Book Series an independent story in words and pictures
BOOK IMP Presents 5 Star 7 songs for piano vocal with guitar boxes
BOOK We Are 5 Star in the group's own words and pictures