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September 2000:

20th September 2000:

Leron emailed me with the following info:
"Promotion is set to start on 9 Oct on "MEGA 92.3 FM" in
Los Angeles. This radio station used to be "92.3 The Beat". Also, request "Let Me Be The One" when you call. Here's the number: (818)-866-1200. Also Five Star is on page 40 of the most recent FRESH magazine

14th September 2000: Exactly one week ago webmaster Jeremy emailed me with the announcement of his new website. I've linked him right away on the Links-page. So please check out this great new Five Star site!

Whatever happened to the promised 5 Star Convention-performance pictures for The Five Star Channel??? Well, Mr. Pearson personally emailed me yesterday with the following info:
"Anco, thank you for your email, unfortunately their are no new photo's available for publication on Five Star at the moment. As soon as they are available we will let you know. By the way, your website is looking brilliant! Keep up the good work. Buster
I'm afraid we have to wait for the TENT website to publish the first new pictures...(thanx for the compliment by the way Buster).

September 2000:
Leron spoke with Mr. Pearson today and he emailed me with a bit of news:
"Five Star were interviewed by the British TV Programme "Top Ten" at the B.B. King's Blues Club last week. The show will air in Britain on Channel 4 in November".

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