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October 2000:

October 2000:
Although there wasn't a concert at BB Kings, still Five Star was in the publicity with an interview for "Exclusive-TV". They "comfort" their fans by inviting them to the 360 Club in LA, joining the interview. Leron was there and made some really beautiful pictures.
I compiled the pictures with Leron's story together in one special "Guestpage"...
Exclusive TV probably will broadcast the interview on Nov 5th or Oct 29th. Five Star might also appear on "Top Ten" on Nov 4th.
All these dates are not sure yet, I'll try to keep you informed.

October 2000:
This is not the kinda News I like to give you all, but it's important. Just remember again: don't shoot the messenger...:

"Hello Anco, I wanted to inform you as soon as possible that FIVE STAR has been cancelled off the line-up this Friday, October 20, 2000 at Universal Studios BB Kings Restaurant and Blues Club. Tickets are refundable at point of purchase. The telephone number is (818)622-5464 for refunds. The show is still on with ROSE
ROYCE but, FIVE STAR will not be appearing. I would also like to inform you that RDMJ Entertainment Management Company no
longer represents FIVE STAR as their tour management company. All the tour dates and radio appearances for the U.S. from October 2000 - February 2001 has been cancelled. Tickets are refundable at point of purchase. If you have any questions feel free to get back to me.
Thank you, RDMJ Entertainment Management Company."

I think, unfortunately, this information is legit, and ofcorse I have some questions about it too. I emailed them back, and I hope they will return a reason soon.

October 2000:
Tent Records went online on the 30th September 2000. It shows old and new Five Star Merchandise, incl. the new single "Funktafied" and the new album "Eclipse" on pre-sale! The official release of Five Star's new material is due to be released in early 2001. It is not clear yet if the actual orders will be delivered this year or in 2001...
I will keep you all informed.

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