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The Five Star 2000-Comeback-Survey

Before I start with the conclusion, first some facts and figures about it.
I've send the address of the Survey on the 20th of April by email and on the I-Music Bulletinboard. The response was huge. From the 20th till the 27th at least 90%(!) of the people I've emailed did actually respond. Thank you all very much for the effort filling in this Comeback-Survey!
1. Why do you think Five Star should make a comeback this year?
Almost everyone had the same response to this: "Because they've been away too long!"
Some more reactions: "It's a new millenium, time for a new start", "They are very talented people","The music-industry needs a family-group who can combine pop with r&b" .

2. If you had to come up with a new image for Five Star, what would that be?
In almost every response people mentioned this special word: SEXY!
But also: "classy & elegant", "mature & sophisticated", "futuristic & cyber" and "designer-wear".

3. Maybe you could give an image description for each member of Five Star:
- Denise:
"Seen as the "leading lady" of the group, Denise has to shine even more than the others". "She has to be classy and sophisticated", "She must act like a Diva, because that's just what she is".
- Delroy: "short cut hairstyle", "hunky & funky", "Armani-suits", "handsome & hot".
- Lorraine: "long black straight hair, in a ponytail", "sleek & sexy", "stay the way you are, just be yourself".
- Stedman: " facial hair, goatee", "understated elegance", "cool & calm", "the gentleman of the group".
- Doris: "out-and-out sexy", "funk soul sista", "big black curls", "same relaxed look like before".
My conclusion to all your descriptions is that Five Star don't have to change that much anymore, as we describe them almost exactly as they always were...

4. How should the cover of the cd/single look like?
Everyone agrees with a group-shot on the cover. Some more ideas: "a bright cover", "new re-designed logo", "black & white picture", "new pictures of the band", "MATRIX-style cover", "2000-style like TLC/Destiny Child/Toni Braxton".

5. How should the video look like?
"futuristic & bright", "something similar like Treat Me Like A Lady", "an outside video, no studio stuff", "it should follow the concept of the song", "not cheap, high budget please".

6. What kind of music must Five Star release to chart again?
I've made a top 3 with, according to you all, the music-styles Five Star has to stick with:
#1: R&B (duh!)
#2: Pop
#3: Soul/Funk

7. Should Five Star make a Christmas-single this year?
The opinion about this question was exactly fifty-fifty. Why did some say no, and why did you say yes...:
No: "too cheesy", " that's desperate", "you're not Cliff Richard". 
Yes: "the x-mas single market is huge, the exposure and airplay at this time of year is amazing", "would love it, but first wait and see how the new single/album are doing",  " there hasn't been a very christmassy sounding song out for years, I see Five Star with  lot's of bells and a romantic video to go with".

8. In 1988 Five Star changed their image dramatically. Do you think Five Star has to do the same thing this year, just to be noticed?
Lot's of people thought that the 1988 image-change wasn't any good for them. They were noticed, true, but in a wrong way. So most people said No to a dramatic change. Check out the statements of the people who said Yes to a big change: "they should shock the world just by being sexy", "they need to get a big fashion designer to their name", "music and lyrics that are slamming".

9. Learning from the past, name a couple of things Five Star musn't do nowadays.
"stop acting like the Jackson's, just be the Pearsons",  "flaunting their wealth", "big make-up", "announcing tour dates and releasing dates of cd's while you're not sure yet".

10. Name a couple of producers, artists and writers Five Star could work with in the future.
Well, here we go. A Top-list of names you came up with:
1. Babyface
2. Jam & Lewis
3. Diane Warren
4. Rodney Jerkins
5. Missy Elliot
6. Shep Pettibone
7. Dave Morales
8. William Orbit

11. If you have any ideas for Five Star's 2000- comeback, please state your comment here:
And, oh my, did you all give a statement! I will give you a few of those:
- "please release some ltd. edition box sets with old remixes, and b-sides, also release a videocompilation of old TV performances and unreleased video's"
- "do many Radio & TV-shows, and make yourself known"
- "publice to the Fans any TV appearances, release dates, etc."
- "try to weapon yourself against all those negative questions in TV & Radio-interviews"
- "they need to think BIG!! They are so talented, they just need that extra publicity push"
- "Promotion, promotion, promotion"


Well , that's it folks! Again, thanx for the help. I'm sure Buster and Five Star would appreciate it.
What? You've read this conclusion but you didn't fill in the Survey yourself? It's still not too late, just follow the link below:
The Five Star 2000-Comeback-Survey