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December  2000:

end of
December 2000:

I received lot's of reactions on the 2001 remix-project.
This is the conclusion so far, In order of preference:

1. Can't Wait Another Minute
2. The Slightest Touch
3. System Addict
4. Let Me Be The One
5. All Fall Down
6. Rain Or Shine
7. Find The Time

Thank you all for sending your lists! Let's wait and see what Martin has to say about this...

December 2000:
Here's an interesting email I received last week:

"To Anco, I am the audio remixer and a representative for Michael Jackson's 'News International World Network', connected with Michael's own label 'MJJ Music' and the 'Sony' Corporation, UK. We are also based in the UK.
I have contacted Buster Pearson at Tent Records regarding doing a remix of the '86 hit 'System Addict.' Since then, upon his advice I have contacted B.M.G. Records and they are processing my request.
I have also contacted 'Five Star' regarding a medley/megamix of their greatest hits, and requesting them to make a selection of favorites. I am writing to you for your opinion, and to also circulate opinion on favorite tracks from others. I was hoping that you can get the word out and collect a definitive 'favorites list' - about 6/7 tracks, in order of preference. I was aiming to use their 80's pop hits over more recent songs - ie more of their better known hits (System Addict, The Slightest Touch, Rain or Shine etc).
Also, opinions from yourself and others on whether you think 'System Addict' would be a viable song to be remixed for the millenium? If not - what would? Hopefully B.M.G. will be supplying me with the original studio recordings, including vocals (A-Capella), and all the instrumental tracks.
I look forward to hearing from you soon,
Regards, Jamie Martin c/o MJNI".

Well, let's hope things will work out. He emailed me already several times about this and we desperately need some new remixes, don't we? So please find some time to email me a
Top 7-list of your favorite '80's Five Star classic.
In order of preference, which is most suitable for a 2001 remix?

I'll send all your emails to Mr. Martin, and publish the conclusion soon on the Channel ofcorse. Thanks! :)

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