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November 2000:

November 2000:
There's a nize "Five Star-buzz" going around in the world...
For instance: this weekend is gonna be a particular good old Five Star-weekend. Just like the "old" days, Five Star will be seen on several (UK) TV programmes:
* "Top Ten"   on Channel 4, Saturday, November 4th 2000,
* "Exclusive" on Channel 5, Sunday  , November 5th 2000,
   (see also "Guestpage" for pictures).

The "buzz" continues in cyberspace, on these websites:
* "Top Magazine" (Tower Records),
* "UK Top 40",
* "BigBlueSpot", (scroll a bit down and read the story),
* "", (why not and make your own review..)

Then Five Star made a chart-comeback last weekend at the Dutch music TV Station "TMF" in the all time family top 40! They charted at # 27 with Rain Or Shine , just behind the Eternal sisters at # 26. The Jacksons peaked at # 7, while Oasis finally made their first Dutch # 1...

Some fresh performance News from Leron, published on the I-music messageboard, Oct. 30th 2000:
" Five Star will be performing their FULL 45 minute show at a club called "THE HOP" on November 9th in La Puenta, California"

At this moment I've only updated the News page, as I found it first priority with the upcoming TV performances. Depending on when the new promised pictures will arrive there will be a full update on the pages after the weekend.

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