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By Leron Peterkin.
All pictures courtesy of L.Peterkin.


Words & Pictures of Five Star's "Exclusive"-interview
at the 360 Club in LA, 20th Oct. 2000,

It's 9:30am LA time and I'm really nervous. I was actually shaking like a leaf. I couldn't decide what to wear or anything. So after I get myself together and sort out what I want to wear it's about 10:15 and I get a call from Darron and Edward telling me they are lost and I began to panic because I know nothing about LA!  Luckily, we call Drummergirl (Teri) and she gets them directions. They eventually pull up at Teri's around 10:30am. We have our "Hello's" and shake hands and things like that then we get into the car. We listened to "Treat Me Like A Lady" and "I Give You Give" while on our way to meet Five Star. We were to be at the 360 Club by 11:30am. We gave ourselves plenty of time, just in case we get lost or something. We did, but got back on track. So at about 11:15am we get to the Sunset and Vine where the 360 Club is located. I'm really nervous now. So Darron suggests we go to the store and get gum. We reach the store and Darron and I stop at the counter to ask for gum. Edward goes to the back of the store where the drinks are and he spots a fruit drink called ECLIPSE!  He's like "Oh cool, I think I'll buy one of these!" I saw it and purchased one as well. We leave the store and go to the high rise where the 360 Club is located. We go to the elevator and look for the 19th floor because that's where the club is located. We don't see 19 and began to panic, but then we see a button with 360 beside it and push it! This was the longest ride in my life!  I was soo nervous and kept quiet the whole time. This is something Darron later jokes about with Five Star when they arrive. We get to the 360 Club and step out of the elevator. My legs were like wet noodles.

We walk around the corner and hear people talking. I'm like "OH MY GOD!", "IS THAT FIVE STAR?" It wasn't! It was the presenter Paul and his assistant talking with two fans that arrived earlier than we did. Their names are David and Mark. So we sit there and talk nervously about what is about to happen. Then after a few minutes of conversation we hear the elevator doors open. Everyone is quiet and looks towards the elevator. We hear someone approaching and out steps..... The Fire Marshall!  He was coming up to test the fire alarms for the building. So after pumping ourselves up to meet them and find the fire marshall, we were all disappointed. I walked over to the window to admire the view of the LA Skyline to calm my nerves. Then I come back and we proceed in conversation. After a couple minutes more of talking, we hear the elevator again. I'm like here we go again! However, this time it was different. We all hear several voices talking and kept hearing these jingling noises....

Before you know it LORRAINE rounds the corner and my heart stopped beating!  She says "Hello" to everyone and shakes their hand. Then she gets to me and says "Leron, it's nice to finally meet you!"   I shake her hand and just smile. That's all I
could do. Of course, you all know who was next!!!!!!! Denise comes in and says "HI" and shakes my hand also. I smile and say, "Denise, can you touch this?"  I was holding my ECLIPSE drink bottle and she touched it for me! I nearly died!  Then Stedman comes in and shakes hands with me and says "Nice to meet you!" Just when I thought I couldn't take anymore, Mr. Pearson comes in, bag in hand and says, "So this is Leron" and we finally meet after 10 years of speaking to him on the phone!  Mr. Pearson tells the presenter Paul that we've been speaking on the phone for ten years and this is the first time we've ever met.

Now that you see the pictures, you should know what the jingling noises were. They were coming from the belts Lorraine and Denise were wearing.
While the presenter is setting up, Five Star gives everyone
t-shirts, caps, pens and tapes. The tapes were awesome!  After they were given out, they began to autograph them. So we all get autographs and chat a little. Then it's time for the show.

I don't want to give away any details of the interview because I want everyone who will be able to see it to be surprised. The interview went on for about two hours. Five Star were interviewed in the 360 Club and outside. They are walking outside on the Hollywood Walk of Fame like they were strutting in the Another Weekend video. After they finished their Walk Of Fame people began to, take notice of them and start to follow us. We then go back to the building where the 360 Club is located and go to the parking lot. They start shooting footage of Five Star on, in and around Stedman's classy customized Rolls Royce. You guys
have to see this car. It is a classic!

From left to right: Lorraine, Denise & Stedman.
Taken in front of Sted's Rolls Royce,

at the 360 Club parking lot.

Denise and Lorraine, inside of Sted's Rolls Royce.

After the photos were taken, we all are asked to assemble in a group so Five Star can sing a verse of "Eyes Don't Lie" a
capella. Their voices sounded as sweet as the birds
in Spring. Once they finished, they said their goodbyes and we whisked away to return to their home!
This was truly an unforgettable experience! 

Then the presenter came to me and Mark and David to ask us
a couple of questions on camera.
We were asked because we'd travelled the farthest.
We came over 3000 miles to see them.
I also was interviewed because of the ECLIPSE drink bottle I had. They interviewed me for about 5 to 10 minutes and that was it!  Make sure you all look out for them on EXCLUSIVE.
I mentioned the Message Board there as well. 
You guys take care!
(PS: By the way, Denise has two tattoos!)

From left to right: Lorraine, Leron & Denise.
Taken in the 360 Club.

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