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March untill May 2000:

30th May 2000: A new star on the 5 Star firmament. Michael's "Five Star Service, Online" is ready. Lot's of info that differs from all the other webpages. Good job Michael!

As "Soulbrother" already mentioned on the i-music messageboard, the new track Five Star recorded 2 weeks ago is called "I Wish Me You". It's an midtempo track with leadvocals by Denise. I was not able to give you this news so early as I had to wait for "the color green" to release some fresh info.Yes, there are some restrictions by receiving official news...
To be clear: "Through The Fire" will not be on the 2000-album unfortunately. Three more tracks which won't appear on the new album are: "Give Something Back", "You Have No Right", "I'll Be Your Only Girl". The number of tracks will still be 14, meaning that Five Star has enough (new) writing material to fill the 2000-album. The release date for the album and single is still planned for September by the way.
(Source by Mr. Beekvelt, representative for TENT and Five Star in the Benelux).

About the "2000-Comeback-Survey": Buster looked in to it and was very enthusiastic! He had some things already in his head. Some were usable, some not. He appreciates this very much and wants to thank everyone for the effort filling in this form!

16th May 2000:

One month later since the last official News, so where are we now with the new album...? Well, don't be afraid, there's lot's to tell you!
At first, Five Star and Buster want to ask you to be just a bit more patient. They are still in negotiation with a very major international recordcompany. Quite exciting as you can imagine. Also, Five Star decided to complete the 2000-album with an extra new track! Last weekend the Five were together in L.A. to record this last brand new song in the traditional Five Star-style. They did not re-record "Through The Fire" by the way.
The release date for the album and single are still planned for September, or maybe even a month earlier, in August.
At this moment it seems that the album will contain 14 tracks.
This means that the tracklisting of the album has changed. I will try to give you those new titles ASAP.
About the Album cover-design (I didn't see it by the way):
It's a is modern, or even quite futuristic cover. There will be a video for the first single, part of it will be computer-designed.
More News to follow soon.

(Source by Mr. Beekvelt, representative for TENT and Five Star in the Benelux).

Something else...because of the strict policy coming up for banning MP3's, I won't be able to provide you any Five Star MP3's  through The Five Star Channel unfortunately...(unless Buster gives me permission that is). So let this be a kind warning to all the other Five Star-webmasters.

Already saw the cover of UK glossy mag. "Attitude"??? And were you as shocked and frustrated as I were when you saw it? What is it all about...well boyband Five (or better said recordcompany RCA) did it again, another attempt to use Five Star's formula by just using the name of Five Star for a profile of one of the members of Five. Looking a bit closer there was only one small difference to detect; it was spelled like "5ive Star".

13th April 2000: Big News for me, you and the website! Two days ago I received an email from Mr. Beekvelt, the contactperson who represents Tent Records Inc. and Five Star in the Benelux. I spoke with him for hours on the phone and he asked me if I wanted to take care of the promotion for the new album, through this website. I also got some emails from Buster as confirmation. This means that ALL the news placed on The Five Star Channel is official and directly from Mr. Beekvelt and Buster! I've heard a lot of news and this is the news I can share with you at the moment.

So here we go: In any case the single will be released before the Summer! First with big promotion in the Benelux, later (or at the same time) in the US and probably after that also in the rest of Europe. Why first in the Benelux? Well, the main reason is that Five Star had, besides the UK, lot's of succes in the Benelux. So this will be a good area to start with.
The album is planned to be released in September. Enough time for the single to be highly promoted and if successful, being a booster for the new album. More info (very) soon!

29th March 2000: I received some info and a personal thank you from Buster Pearson today: "Dear Anco, how are you, hope all is well with you and your family,  thank you for the info on the updated FIVE STAR  site. It's brilliant. The NEW ALBUM WILL BE COMING OUT IN  THE BENELUX AREA VERY SOON. Very best wishes, Buster".

David "Something About My Baby" Gamson is not the songwriter for "Eyes Don't Lie", confirmed by Leron who told me that Donny Osmonds lyrics don't match with Five Star's.

28th March 2000: More News about the new album by Leron: "I have two new songs to add to the album.  I finally found out the title of the other song Denise wrote and it's called Funk T Fied. They are also going to perform Through The Fire without Chaka. Chaka didn't want to sing on it, but she was willing to assist as a co-producer.  I don't think she will, but that's what she wants to do. Also Got A Lot Of Love (Remix) is supposed to appear there as well.  Well that's all for my news. Leron".

22th March 2000: While searching the songwriters of the other songs from the new Five Star album, I came across this particular information about "Eyes Don't Lie". Let's hope the Something About My Baby-songwriter is the songwriter for the new Five Star single, and that it will be a better version then Donny Osmond's. 

14th March 2000: Leron wrote this today on the i-music bulletinboard: "The album has been pushed back. I think I posted here earlier that it should be around the March/April time frame. That is subject to change as well. If you didn't know already, the first single release is Eyes Don't Lie".