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August 2000:

17th August 2000: Here's the "long awaited" email from RDMJ:
"Hello FIVE STAR fans!!!
Yes, the show was fantanstic. I hope you were able to catch of glimpse of it somewhere on tv or in the newspaper. Lots of pictures were taken of the performance and will be available on the FIVE STAR CHANNEL in a few days. Delroy and Doris did not perform due to other commitments on projects they are both working on. They did want to be there for this important performance and will jump on board for the kickoff tour performance at BB King's in October. Denise, Lorraine and Stedman looked fantanstic and sounded great. The crowd loved them and wanted their autographs after the show. Denise and Lorraine were wearing black pants and silver and black glittery tops. Stedman was dressed in all black. Lorraine and Stedman performed with headset microphones so they could dance and Denise had a cordless microphone. They opened the show with the explosive "Another Weekend" and then went into a medley of "All Fall Down and "Let Me Be the One".   They all talked to the audience and were making jokes in between songs. FIVE STAR then went into "Cant Wait Another Minute". After performing songs the crowd knew and loved, FIVE STAR introduced their new single "Eyes Dont Lie". The song wowed the audience and got an overwhelming response. After singing the new single, they broke into "Funkdafied". Another great response!!!! FIVE STAR definatley has 2 smashes on their hands. FIVE STAR next project is television for the UK  (TOP TEN SERIES and EXCLUSIVE TV CHANNEL 5). They will be filming at Universal Studios in about a week and half. I will keep you informed. If you have any questions regarding the performance at the Democratic National Convention feel free to email me at
Take care, RDMJ Entertainment Management".

14th August 2000: Just in! From RDMJ:
"Hello FIVE STAR fans around the world!!!
The group is set to hit the stage in a few hours!! They will be performing right before President Clinton and Hilary Clinton take the stage to say a speech to the Democratic Delegates. There are 35,000 people in the media alone  covering the convention. This is not including the thousands of delegates and dignitaries from around the world that will be present. My
management company along with FIVE STAR are really excited for today!! We think this is the perfect opportunity for FIVE STAR to be recognized in the United States and also to let fans around the world that FIVE STAR is back.......I will let you in on the details after the night is over!! I hope all of you will get a chance to catch a glimpse of FIVE STAR on your television set and all the newspapers!!! This will be the first live
performance for FIVE STAR performing their new single "EYES DONT LIE". Stay tuned!! Take care, RDMJ Entertainment Company

14th August 2000: First the news of Five Star's comeback mentioned in another magazine. Updated by fan "Soul Brother" from the "Soul Brother Five Star Tribute" website:
"Five Star are mentioned in this fortnights edition of the well respected 'Blues & Soul' - here is what they wrote about Five Star in their news section, '80s pop soul family, FIVE STAR, are currently regrouping for another shot at fame and fortune. According to the group's web-site and their father/manager, Buster Pearson, the group will be making a comeback with the imminent release of a new US single later this month plus album in September' "
Thank you SB for sharing this news with us :)

Another fan (Shake) emailed me with the following info: he read about Five Star's comeback and about their performance live at the Democration convention in News Of The World today. He also got some latest info from RDMJ Management:
"Five Star will be performing at 3pm Pacific Standard Time,
which I think is about midnight UK time. I'm actually on my way in one hour to meet up with FIVE STAR to discuss the way they are going to be introduced tomorrow when they perform...They will be performing six songs. Five Star changed their image unbelievable. I hope the UK will get a snippet of the performance..They are going to "Rock The World". We should have new photo's from the performance this week...They will be performing in order these songs: Another Weekend, All Fall Down, Let Be The One, Can't Wait Another Minute, Eyes Don't Lie and Funkdafied. We are going to concentrate on the two new songs and see which one gets the most response. Me personally, I think they will love "Eyes".
All has changed, they have a totally fresh and exciting look now. They are an adult group.They will be on stage approx. 35-45 minutes.. and are the main act for Monday.
Thanx Shake!

And for anyone who has also important information about Five Star's live performance today; do not hesitate and email me so I can publish it on this website (as there is an average of 50-75 people checking out this site everyday at the moment).

10th August 2000: I had some questions for Buster, and he answered me a day later with the following info: My questions were:
"1.Do you want to be involved in promotion through The Five Star Channel? Buster: yes
2.Are you satisfied about The Five Star Channel? Buster: yes, and thank you very much, you're doing a brilliant job. 
3.You can use this website (for free) to promote the new single and album, I hope you recognise that. Buster: yes I do thank you very much; FIVE STAR are performing at the presidential convention on august 14th at 1pm la time ,and October 20th at the bb king restaurant. Buster

I personally think that the "presidential convention"-performance is very exciting! Today I received this email from RDMJ concerning this new performance:
"Subject: A Major announcement on behalf of Five Star!!!
Hello Anco, I wanted to inform you and all of the FIVE STAR fans around the world that FIVE STAR will be making a U.S. appearance before BB King's Restaurant and Niteclub. FIVE  STAR was asked to perform for the Democratic National Convention on Monday, August 14th, 2000 at the new Staples Centre in Los Angeles in front of thousands of delegates from all over the United States. The Democratic National Convention is being held all next week at the Staples Centre. They will be performing an hour show to debut their new CD and also perform some of their other hits that charted here in the States. Songs that will be performed will be "All Fall Down", "Let Me Be The One", "Another Weekend", "Cant Wait Another Minute", and from the new CD "Eye's Don't Lie", "Hung Up", and "Funkdafied". This is a very important performance for FIVE STAR due to the fact that media and press from all over the world will be covering it. FIVE STAR is extremely excited about this upcoming performance. Hopefully fans from all over the world will be able to see a glimpse of their performance on tv. Take care, RDMJ Entertainment Management.

5th August 2000: The Five Star-Tour kickoff-dates are announced!
Here's an email from RDMJ Entertainment Management:

"Hello FIVE STAR fans!!
I would like to announce the official date for FIVE STAR's tour in the United States. It will be Friday, October 20th, 2000 at the World Famous BB Kings Restaurant and Niteclub at Universal Citywalk/ Universal Studios Hollywood. Tickets go on sale Friday, August 11, 2000. For all the FIVE STAR fans living in the U.S. or plan on visiting Hollywood from around the world you can purchase tickets by phone by calling 1-818-6BB-KING. All major credit cards are welcomed. FIVE STAR will debut their new CD live that night by singing 5 new tracks including the new hit single "Eyes Dont' Lie" They will also be performing their international hits that made them famous. The U.S. has not heard from FIVE STAR in quite some time. The buzz around Hollywood is enormous regarding the show. FIVE STAR is quite excited about the kickoff concert and looking forward to performing. I have been told there will be some suprises that night at BB Kings. Media from all over the world will be there for this special night. I hope all of you can join FIVE STAR at their official CD release party! See you at the show.

Take care, RDMJ Entertainment Management Company."

2th August 2000: Five Star fan "Shake" had the privilege to chat with Five Star's US Tour Management a couple of days ago. It's quite informative, therefore I've made a small conclusion:
"The new album will be out in about 3-4 weeks. The single will be out in the UK in about 2 weeks. FIVE STAR has committed to appear in an exclusive interview with "Exclusive TV" which will show them in the US and show their kick-off concert scheduled for the end of September. FIVE STAR has also committed to appear on "TOP TEN SERIES" in the UK, with Madonna and George Michael and Prince. They will be filming in 2 weeks. The show will air sometime in September.

The new single, "Eyes Don't Lie" is going to radio stations today (last week) in Los Angeles.This song when it hits the UK is going to debut at Number 1 guaranteed. If everything goes right it will be playing sometime this week. Listen for it...The UK has been really responsive the past three weeks since I made the announcement of the tour...FIVE STAR is extremely grateful and can't wait to come home to the UK and perform.Tent Records will be up in about a week with new photos and new product for fans around the world. We have been bombarded with hundreds of emails. We have worked with many groups and solo singers over the years, too many to mention. But, our main focus for the moment is FIVE STAR and their World Tour. They will tour with different acts in the US".
Well, thanx Shake for sharing this nice chat with us!

More News from another Fan who did some investigation as well. After reading the fact that "Eyes Don't Lie" was written by Andrea Martin (who is obviously not a member of En Vogue), Leron looked into her Discography, and guess what??? She also has written and performed "Hung Up" ! (another future single coming from Five Star's new album!) First we didn't know for sure if it was actually the same song, but after hearing a soundclip, there was no doubt about it. Guess you're curious now? Just go to this website, and click on "Hung Up". (Mind this: you need a RealPlayer).
As for "Eyes Don't Lie": just download the "Truce"-version on your good old Napster. Wanna know more about Andrea Martin? Go to this website for her Biography.

And last but not least: Mr. Beekvelt decided to release all the official new album tracks to The Five Star Channel today. This is for 99% sure! Here are the tracks, not in a particular order:
1. One Way Mirror, vocal by Doris.
2. Got A Lot Of Love (remix), vocal by Denise.
3. I Wish Me You, vocal by Denise.
4. I Get Such A High, vocal by Denise.
5. Hung Up, vocal by Denise.
6. Get A Life Together, vocal by Doris.
7. I Give You Give (remix), vocal by Doris.
8. Eyes Don't Lie, vocal by Denise.
9. The Writing On The Wall (remastered), vocal by Denise.
10. Don't Let Me Be The Lonely One, vocal by Denise.
11. (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons (remastered),
      vocal by Denise.
12. Tell Me What You Want, vocal by Denise.
13. Funktafied, vocal by Denise.
14. Surely (remix), vocal by Doris.

Because of this I had to change the tracks on the Profiles of Denise and Doris a bit. Satisfied? :)

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