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July 2000:

30th July 2000: First of all, I've had a message containing info about Five Star appearing in "Exclusive" on Channel 5 this Sunday-afternoon (at 2 p.m.). Apparently they dropped the item about Five Star for something else...a shame. You can email Channel 5 for their reason why. 

Five Star's comeback is stated in several more websites at this moment, such like; "In The '80's" and "" (info thanx to "Major Tom").

And now for the BIG news!
According to Mr. Beekvelt there's truly a kinda "Five Star-Hype" going on in the UK. He just returned after a short holiday in England and told me some very interesting stories. First of all, it seems Five Star is a big collectors group at the moment, as stated by many major Record Stores in the UK. It's very hard to find anything at the moment, and if you found something the prices are abnormal high. The only material available are Five Star's compilation cd-albums of '89 and '98. But now the most shocking thing: Five Star's new single "Eyes Don't Lie" already excists!!! It was even a hitsingle in the UK in Sept./Oct. '98, reaching #15 in the UK r&b charts...This version was performed by a three-girl-group called "Truce". It is written by Andrea Martin of En Vogue and featuring Damage on the flipside "Key To The World". At this moment we are trying to reach Buster Pearson for his comment on this. To be continued....

25th July 2000: It seems that the Radioscope Comeback-story wasn't that short after all...Read this message I've received today from the writer of that article:
"Hi Anco, I just wanted to let you know that the article that was reported on Radioscope was courtesy of myself.  I forwarded a copy of my little newsbit to BET, Dotmusic, Radioscope and several other media outlets to spread the word.  I also forwarded a copy to Buster Pearson himself.  They actually cut allot of info out of that I originally sent.  I should have sent you a copy of the article like I did for everyone else.  So below here is the article as it was written.  Thanks Anco!" C. Douglas.

* Five Star Return with A New Album and First U.S. Tour
According to The Five Star Channel and Five Star's manager/father Buster Pearson, Five Star will be making a comeback with the release of their first single currently untitled and scheduled for radio release in August with an album to follow in September of 2000.
News of Five Star's return has been quietly buzzing around on the internet and various message boards. According to a representative for Five Star's American Tour Manager (RDMJ Entertainment Management Company), "Five Star has never
toured the States and they are all excited about the U.S. tour."  The first stop will be Los Angeles and then the rest of the Western states before heading to Europe. Five Star is best remember for their 1980's hits, "All Fall Down", "Let Me Be The
One", "Can't Wait Another Minute" and "Whenever You're Ready", just to name a few. Five Star has been quietly recording music after leaving RCA records in 1990 for Epic Records and Tent Records respectfully. (Info courtesy of The Five Star Channel website at, Buster Pearson at and RDMJ Entertainment Management at

23th July 2000:

A brief and clear Comeback-story on the "Radioscope"-website:

Five Star web site signals a comeback.
The 80's pop/soul group Five Star is currently in the midst
of regrouping for another shot at notoriety.
According to The Five Star Channel web site and Five Star's manager/father Buster Pearson, Five Star will be making a comeback with the release of their first single, currently untitled, scheduled for radio release in August with an album to follow in September of 2000.

19th July 2000: Today RDMJ Tour Management announced by email the title of Five Star's NEW single! Read their message and be happy!

Hello Anco!!!  Earlier today I heard the soon to be released  first single off of FIVE STAR's new CD. The release date for the single is the first week of September 2000. The single may be available a few weeks earlier in the U.S. since the group is starting their tour in the U.S. first. The single is going to be an
instant smash hit around the world.  In my opinion it is by far one of the best singles made by the group. The name of the first single is "Eye's Don't Lie". It is not a remake. It is brand new!! The single is very catchy and it shows why the wait has been so long for the group to release a new CD. It shows that FIVE STAR wanted to give their fans a great song..and believe me they have!!! Denise has lead vocals and they are outstanding. The single has a great sound!! Wait until you hear it!!! Im extremely excited about the new single and the tour due to the fact that FIVE STAR will continue to have their loyal fans and also many new listeners. Thank you FIVE STAR fans for all your support!! See you at the show!!!

I don't know about you, but now I just can't wait anymore...:)

12th July 2000: Another message from the Tour Management:
Hello Anco, I want to keep you updated on the Five Star Tour.... I have a question to all the fans.Who would they like to see tour with Five Star? Five Star will be touring with many different groups in America. When the single from the new
album comes out they will then embark on a extensive tour by themselves. I am confident that the new single and the album will do well here in the States after heavy promotion and television appearances. After hitting the U.S., Five Star will tour the rest of the world.
Thanks for  all your support!!!
RDMJ Entertainment Management

11th July 2000: As promised, the third appearance of Five Star in the Smash of the 28th June, check it out.
And...they even mentioned this website, but not by name.

Some people asked me for the emailaddress of Five Star's Tour  Management. Well, I asked if I could publish it and this was their reply:
Hello Anco, No can give my email address if you like.... I have been advised by Buster that the new single comes out in a month and the album in September. Schedule dates will be announced soon...Take care,

Anyone ever heard of ? That's where most of the world pop-magazines get there hot isn't it great to re-introduce our Stars overthere? First go to "messages" than go to "news & gossip", and place your Five Star -message! Good luck.

1th July 2000: Just in(!):
Yesterday afternoon I received a special email:
"Hello, I wanted to inform you so you can notify all of Five Star's Fan around the world that they are embarking on a U.S. Tour starting in September 2000 to promote their new album. They have never hit the states and they all are all excited about the U.S. tour. The first stop for the group will be in Los Angeles and then the rest of the Western states. I will be announcing the dates in a few weeks. The group will be in rehearsals in about a week from now. Please notify all of Five Star fans about the new tour. Let me know if you have anymore questions about Five Star. They are putting the finishing touches on their new album which is out of this world. Wait until you hear it!!!
Buster and I are working together and putting together the U.S. dates. Im the person in charge of putting the tour together.
Take care, RDMJ Entertainment Management Company

Well, that's hopefull news, isn't it? :)