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June 2000:

30th June 2000: At this moment almost everyone is familiar with Five Star's second appearance in the 14th of June issue of Smash Hits.
If you didn't see it yet, here you have it!
Also check out the Five Star i-music bulletin-board for their third appearance in Smash Hits... As soon as the Smash is available in Amsterdam I will provide you those pics too ofcorse.

12th June 2000: The return of Five Star in UK pop magazine Smash Hits!
In the May 31 issue you will find Five Star charting new at no. 20, being part of "Smash Hits coolest stuff Top 20" at the moment. Fans in the UK already had the pleasure to read this a couple of weeks ago, today the magazine was available overhere in Amsterdam.

I've decided to give some more album news 'till everything is certain and all the information is secure.

About new pictures from Five Star: I've send an email to Buster on the 11th April asking for some Lyrics and new pictures.
This was his answer: "Anco, As soon as they are available I will send the pictures to you, as for the lyrics, I will do my best. All the very best to you and your family. Buster."
We'll just have to wait and see...