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February 2000:

Week 9    2000: I'm happy and proud to say that in this week The Five Star Channel is "Website Of The Week" at Esprit/! I received this message today (28th Feb.):**SITE OF THE WEEK** THE FIVE STAR CHANNEL Yes, the new Five Star album and single is out SOON !! For all the latest news on Steadman, Lorraine, Denise, Doris & Delroy check out this great site today....The site is sent to over 28000 (!) subscribers.

24th February 2000: Five Star's official homepage for TENT Records is back online! Guess they're making themselves (and us) ready for the new single/album. Check it out, (also added on the Linx-page).

23th February 2000: Again Leron had the pleasure to give us this VERY exciting Five Star news:  "Hello Fans! I spoke with Mr. Pearson yesterday and I have news to report concerning the album. Hmmmmm! Where shall I start? Well, Mr. Pearson is currently negotiating with a record company in Europe and they have heard the album and want to jump on it immediately. They are really pushing to have Eyes Don't Lie released very soon as the first single. They felt that song would do well in Europe. That being the case, Eyes Don't Lie will probably be the first single released here in the states as well. This song is the only POP music song on the album. I think they are going for universal appeal here. Next is that Mr. Pearson is wanting to include Through The Fire on this album as well. He's wanting it to be a duet with Denise and Chaka Khan. Sounds all very exciting and I guess this is CONFIRMATION that the album will be released. They are currently in studio putting the finishing touches on the album and Mr. Pearson says its turned out really well. Lastly, he wanted to THANK all of us for all of our efforts and our undying support for Five Star. We can expect the single within the next couple of weeks and the album soonafter. For those of you who have webpages, please post this to your site because I know all of the fans don't visit the bulletin board".

22th February 2000: From this week everybody in the world can search The Five Star Channel through all the big search engines! Unfortunately we have still some problems with Yahoo!...with their link the pictures are not loading. We'll try to solve this problem asap.

15th february 2000: Today I received a guestbook message from Leron: "Here are some of the other song titles from the new album. I Don't Want To Be The Lonely One (written and sung by Denise) I'll Be Your Only Girl (written by Doris and sung by Denise) One Way Mirror (written by Doris and sung by Doris) Get It Together (written by Doris and sung by Doris) As for the remixes of Got A Lot Of Love and Surely, I don't think they are going to be included".

11th February 2000: UK popgroup All Saints releases their new single "Pure Shores" with the b-side track "If You Don't Know What I Know", which contains a short rap about Five Star: "...looking in the mirror, singing Five Star songs...".