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Buster Pearson Productions:
1. Al Marshall: Dance With Me (produced by Buster Pearson)
2. Al Marshall: I Like The Way You Dance (produced by Buster Pearson)
3. Al Marshall: I'm Gonna Make This A Night You Will Never Forget,
( TENT1, 7" produced by Buster Pearson)
4. Buster Pearson: The First Time
(TENT3, plus "Beat My Guest" by Al Marshall)
5. Buster Pearson: La La La (1974)
6. Buster Pearson: I Wanna Thank You (1974)
7. Buster Pearson: Take It Easy (1975, TENT  7")

Delroy Pearson Productions, (REDEYE Productions):
1. Immature/IMX: Constantly/Just A Little Bit
(note: both produced by Delroy Pearson & Ian Prince. If you listen well to "Just A Little Bit" you can hear Delroy singing along with the chorus...)
2. Louvette: Pure Emotion
(note: Delroy did the drum-programming on her album)

Cover/Sampled/Original Versions By Other Artists:
1.(I  Love You) For Sentimental Reasons by Nat King Cole:
(note: you can find Five Star's version on the album "Heart & Soul")
2. Hide And Seek by New Edition:
(note: As far as I know they never released this as a single. It's a bad production with poor vocals by Bobby Brown. You can find Five Star's version on the album "Luxury Of Life".)
3. Strong As Steel by Gladys Knight:
(note: from the o.s.t. "Ghost Dad". A bit over-produced but great, sometimes too, powerful vocals by Gladys.)
4. Strong As Steel by Tina Arena:
(note: uptempo remixed version, nothing romantic left anymore... You can find Five Star's version on "Between The Lines".)
5. Sentimental by Answered Questions:
(note: Answered Questions are: Morris E. Renti II & Marva King. They released Sentimental as a single in 1990. Sentimental was re-recorded by Five Star in 1991 for the "Shine"-album, with vocal arrangements by Denise and Marva King.)
6. Eyes Don't Lie by Truce:
(note: I never understood why this song charted in the UK r&b charts. The three ladies make it three times more boring. We have to wait and see what Five Star makes out of this one...fingers crossed!)
7. Hung Up by Andrea Martin:
(note: Not a bad song actually. I can imagine how Denise makes this a beauty with her vocal abilities. You can find Five Star's version on the forthcoming 2000-album.)
8. A+: Hempstead High:
(note: released in 1999 and includes the track "Price Of Fame", which contains a sample of Five Star's "Let Me Be The One".You can find Five Star's version on "Luxury Of Life".)
9. Let Me Be The One by Mandy Moore:
(note: also fed up with those clone-sounds of Britney/Backstreet/N'Sync? Well, just stick to Five Star's good old soul version then, and forget Mandy's.)