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This Update-page has been made for your overview of what exactly has been changed/altered on The Five Star Channel.




April 2001:


- As you can see, I've added some actual "Five Star-highlights" to the Newsindex-page. Very handy for you and  newcomers to see in just one quick overview what is going on with the group.

- I've finished the last of the PERSONAL-reviews of the new "Eclipse"-tracks: "Eyes Don't Lie", "Tell Me What You Want" & "I Get Such A High".
- Doris' "One Way Mirror"-page has it's own banner now.

- Because of the unfortunate circumstance that I still cannot access my own house (because of a deleted renovation), I still can't use my phone and internet...(for almost 5 months now!). Yet I am able to work on the site on my computer, but I have to upload it at an internet cafe. So that's why the Five Star-mailinglist doesn't work.
Also because of this, in the meantime please use this new emailaddress: .
I'm gonna use the other one if everything's settled again. Thank you.


- I've adjusted some of the Chart-positions of the Albums and Singles-Discography pages, thanks to Robert C.!

- The Videostills-page is completely redone. At this moment it shows three video's: "I Give You Give", "(I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons" and "Treat Me Like A Lady". It's familiar stuff for the ones who visit this page already more than a year. But it's a bit freshed up and I can assure you there's lot's more coming. For instance, I'd like to show you rare video's such like "Let Me Be Yours", "There's A Brand New World" and "Hot Love".
I have the video's at home but their quality is quite poor. Maybe someone could help me out with some better tapes? Thanx! :)

- The "My Collection"-pages are Updated.
- Check out the "News"-section for some fresh Five Star-News.

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