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This Update-page has been made for your overview of what exactly has been changed/altered on The Five Star Channel.




January 2001:


I've encountered some really nasty web-problems, and I'm working hard to figure out what happened to the index-page. On my and some friends computer the index page looked ok, but when I viewed it on the internetcafe it looked like it was hacked or something. Please be patient, the solution is near... The rest of the pages are looking  fine by the way...Another thing, the "channelstats" are also not working yet. I work on that too. I will let you all know asap when the page is up and running completely!


In this month I've worked on the re-styling of The Five star Channel.
As you can see, most of the pages are done.
Mind this! All the pages (esp. the "Profiles") are best seen in 1024x768 screen resolution because of the background pictures...I worked with this resolution because professional design-agencies and media are working and viewing it in these sizes. Resolution 800x600 is also possible, whatever you prefer ofcorse.
If you have difficulties with this, or you have some better ideas, please let me know and email me :)
Pages which will be Updated in the following months are:
* Lorraine, Denise & Doris Profiles,
* (Video) Stills,
* Singles & Charts,
* The Charts on the Albums page.
I hope you all liked the changes.
For me it was (again) a challenge to design for Five Star and I hope this site will give Five Star even more exposure to the media then it did last year.

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