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This Update-page has been made for your overview of what exactly has been changed/altered on The Five Star Channel.




February 2001:


New on The Five Star Channel: "Swaps & Sale". From now on you can send your Five Star- swap / for sale -lists to me, and I will put them online asap. I received already some really nice For Sale-stuff (coming real soon now on the "Wanted"-page!).
But first I have to catch a plane. I'm off for 3 weeks to the sunny Caribbean.
During my holiday I advice you all to check out the Five Star I-Music Bulletinboard for the latest News. 

"The Five Star Channel-Mailinglist" (for receiving Updates by email), will be up & running again after my holiday-break.


A lot of people don't see the webproblems of The Five Star Channel fortunately. So what is going on then, why did I "panic" ?(lol). It's all because of the different browsers people use. The Index-page looks fine on the Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0-browser, but on Netscape Navigator it looks like scrambled eggs. At this moment I didn't receive ANY complains yet, but if you also encounter this problem, please let me know.

And now some page Updates:
- First of al, totally re-styled: the re-introduction of Lorraine's Profile!
(By the way, ALL the Profiles are collected in one page now. You can find the rest of the Profiles under "Specials"-button).
- Some answers to the famous "Five Star FAQ's",
- And, last but not least, if you didn't see it yet, exclusively and only on The Five Star Channel: Funktafied Lyric & Review-Page!

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