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Full Name: Lorraine Samantha Jean Pearson




Birthdate: August 10th 1967
Starsign: Leo
Marital Status: Married.
Children: No

Fave Colour: Blue.
Interests: Writing. Officially she released only one novel in 1989 named:
"Her, Me & Reality".
Part in Five Star: Songwriting, lead & background vocals.

Latest Activities: Lorraine still writes a lot, esp. children-books.
Hopefully with a bit of luck we can expect her novels soon.
Current situation: Lorraine lives in LA, and is now working with Denise & Stedman on a Five Star-comeback, (see also "Guests"-pages).

Lorraine's Personal Discography:

Self penned songs:
Say Goodbye, 1985.
You Should Have Waited, 1987.
I Can Show You Love, 1990.
That's The Way I Like It, 1990.
The Start Of Forever, 1991.
The Love You Bring To Me, 1991.
Self penned instrumentals:
Let Me Down Easy, 1986.
The Mews, 1988.

Self penned book:
Her, Me & Reality, 1989.


Extra picture gallery Lorraine: