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During the years I've encountered quite a few questions that strangely stayed unanswered. Maybe listing and opening this "5 Star X-files" will reveal it's mystery...


*Why did "Let Me Be Yours" never appear on a Five Star Greatest Hits-album?
The strange thing about this is, is the fact that "There's A Brand New World" (UK #61) was included twice on the last two compilation-albums, while "Let Me Be Yours" (charted higher, UK #51) was "forgotten"...

*Will we ever hear Five Star's  so called "Lost Tracks"?
The following tracks are
finished but won't appear on Five Star's next album:
- You Have No Right (recorded in 1997),
- Give Something Back (recorded in 1997),
- Rain Or Shine (re-recorded in 1997),
- Let Me Be The One (re-recorded in 1997),
- I'll Be Your Only Girl (recorded 1999/2000?),
- It (recorded 1999/2000?).
What is going to happen to this material?

*What happened to the Fanclub?
It seems that the "Five Star Fanclub" is gone since 1995. Is "TENT Merchandise" all there is? Could Fans still send Fanmail to Five Star?
- TENT is all there is really. Delores Pearson (Five Star's mother) isn't involved anymore in the Fanclub-thing since the "Heart & Soul"-album in '95. At the official Five Star website "TENT Records" you can order some exclusive Five Star items and their most recent material. Ofcorse you can email TENT. If you are lucky you even get a personal email back from Mr. Buster Pearson himself...

*Why did Denise and Doris never went solo?
Everyone is familiar with Denise's outstanding vocal abilities, while Doris is memorised as the all dancing and singing Janet-like sister. Enough for both to go for a solo-project in between some Five Star albums, don't you think?....
- Well yes, everyone thinks so, so luckily Denise revealed this "x-file" last year in the "Exclusive"-interview on Channel 5, november 2000:
"...I had two children and got married and divorced..(laugh)..and in the time being I started a solo career, tried to get a solo career, and that didn't really work out for me. I tried different avenues but it all led me back to the Five Star-thing".
Well said Denise. And yes, I only detected one kinda "solo"-something and that's ofcorse that rare and limited duet with friend Matt Goss: "This Pain". That's all. Nothing more, nothing less.
But what about sis Doris? Well, she IS working at the moment on a solo-project (together with Delroy?). But it's all very vague and mysterious. We can only guess. Probably she's working on her own album (oops, I have to start thinking about another website now!), and it's all probably happening in the UK, because that's where she lives. We just have to wait and see again.

*Why did Lorraine only wrote one Novel?
In 1989 Lorraine released her first book called "Her, Me and Reality". In that time she was very keen on writing on talked about it all the time in interviews. Is she still into it, and will she ever release another Novel in the future?
- It was nice to hear Lorraine talking again (in the Exclusive"-interview) about her books. That's right fans, more than one! So she's still into it. But the question is, will it ever be released?

*Is the similarity between Sted's "Feelings" and Doris' "Treat Me..." a coincidence?
Not a very hot question, but not much people seem to notice that both lyrics are practical the same. Why is this, and is there any kind of reason for it?

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