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written by: Andrea Martin/Steve Dublin

Can't imagine life without you
Chances that we take, are all built on fate, oh yeah
I said things I never knew, like a bird flying high flowing free through my mind

Eyes don't lie, that's why I know you're thinking of me
And I, don't lie cos I, I wanna make your dreams come to life

I waited for so long to decide
Then you came along and made up my mind (oh yeah)
Never thought that I could ever want someone for the rest of my life.

Chorus 2x

Why don't you give me your time, and let go what you feel inside
Our love will grow, I want the world to know
I can see it tonight
Cos eyes don't lie, oh I, oh!

Chorus 3x to fade


release date: label: order at: vocals by:


TENT lead: Denise
backing: Lorraine & Stedman


The first time I've heard "Eyes Don't Lie" was almost one year ago from r&b girl-trio "Truce" (see also News July 2000).
I remember I was very dissapointed at the time because of it's quite boring vocals and production. But gladly Five Star made me change my mind. And this is just why I am such a big fan of them, they refreshed and restyled the song in a way you just want to smile and sing along with it immideately. It's good stuff and Denise voice is, esp. in the Bridge-part, (again) outstanding!
Still, you have to admit that it doesn't sound very modern and even (nothing wrong with that though) very "Amy Grant-ish".
If everything goes like Buster planned than this will definately be a single release in the future. Personally I don't think it's wise to release it as the way it is. A modern remix (not another r&b/hip-hop "rap" remix please) will do fine I guess (see "Wishing on a (5) Star"). Or, after seeing them singing this song live on "Eclusive TV", releasing it as an unplugged/live version. This good-feeling track has hit-potential, but you just have to use it right.