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This Update-page has been made for your overview of what exactly has been changed/altered on The Five Star Channel.




May 2001:


- Five Star's (un)official Book-releases are now displayed at the Discography-section. There are most likely more releases, if you know more, please help me to make it as complete as possible, thank you!

- There's NO webhosting without technical problems...So here it is again, the NEW emailaddress for The Five Star Channel: . Please do not use the old one anymore as it get's bounced back by the Chello-provider. Thank you.

- And finally, NEWS!


- Thanks to the "Wanted"-page I received the following items last week:
* "Someone's In Love" promo not for sale 7", (thanks to Jonathan in the UK!)
* "Five Star Live In Birmingham Odeon" 22-10-'86 Bootleg Tape, (thanks to Sarah in the UK!)
* and finally the 1990 "Five Star"-album on LP-format from my A'dam colleague Luciano.
Again many thanks to you all !!!
New "Wanted" thingies are added. Again, I have enough to swap...

- Check out Denise's new Profile-Page (still best seen at 1024x600 screen resolution)!

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