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"...3 of us went ahead, so we're gonna go with that untill it's all good to get back together.." (Denise & Lorraine in Exclusive TV, Channel 5, 2000)




May 2001:


-After 6 years of Chart-absence (I Give You Give part 1 & 2: UK # 83, 1995) it seems Five Star are going to hit the Charts again!!! The American Chart & Bill Board r&b Chart-positions for "Funktafied" will be released soon.
I'll keep you informed.

-Well Star-lovers, check out the another great new world-website: "Five Star World" ! I love the looks of it.
The link for the site will available soon on the Links-page, for now please check out my Guestbook for it.

-Don't forget to email me first before you want to use some of the Five Star Channel's pictures or ideas, just to be polite and avoid difficulties in the future. Because of this and the coming of this new website, here's a special message from Mr. Beekvelt (former representative TENT/Five Star):
"All photo's and stories published on "The Five Star Channel" and esp. my Guestpage are copyright holded. The stories and photo's at my Guestpage are a segment of the book I'm writing about Five Star. My book will contain many never before seen pictures of Five Star, and as a bonus a CD with full concert of Five Star. At this moment I'm still doing research and interviews with people whom worked with Five Star, so there's no date yet when it will be published.
I have given special permission to "The Five Star Channel' to publish some of the photo's and segments from my book, and to "The Five Star Channel" ONLY...
I strongly request to everyone, esp. whom already published some of my material and photo's, to remove all material taken from any segment and/or chapter of "The Five Star Channel" from their sites. This includes all photo's supplied to me by "BMG Records" and "Epic Records". Anyone who publishes any segment of my stories or any photo taken from any segment of my stories or any photo taken from "The Five Star Channel", will take the risk of me and all other copyright holders taking legal action them. All material needs to be removed within seven days. If not, I might consider not to publish the book and take legal actions".

As you van see, some stuff on the Channel is quite serious, but trust me, Mr. Beekvelt is a nice guy, he's just very cautious, and I agree :)


-According to the interview in "Q"-magazine, the "Eclipse" album is now officially released, (on the 30th of April).
Although it still isn't possible to buy it in at my shop, I do sell the album when playing it! I refer people to the TENT-Records website in the meantime, and I assure some that it will be released soon in "normal" stores overhere.
Just to give the Pearsons and TENT some more confidence in the new Five Star-album, I've emailed Buster about this.
Oh, and I received a kind email back from him:
"Anco, Thanks for your email, thanks for all you've done for supporting TENT and Five Star. Best wishes, Buster".
You see, there is a way to give the Stars a chance, even if it's small...

-Check out a "Brand New World" on the Links-page! I love to welcome new Five Star sites. There are still too little of them, don't you think?

Collected News from the Five Star-Messageboard:
-The beautiful new Eclipse track "I Wish Me You" already was sung by Danish popstar Amanda Marie Latona and UK(?) artist Katy Ray. If you didn't now yet, two other tracks on the Eclipse album also already existed: "Hung Up" performed by Andrea Martin and "Eyes Don't Lie" performed by "Truce". Some reliable sources say that the demo of high quality track "I Get Such A High" was meant for no one less than r&b/hip-hop Queen Mary J. Blige.
Don't be afraid about the new single "Funktafied" though, that's a 100% self-written and produced Five Star-track!

-Missy Elliot goes (a bit) Five Star! On the new Missy album there's a track which has a very distinctive Five Star-sound. One of it's many reviews even mentioned the very obvious comparison:..."Five Star get shagged by Funkadelic". Check out the "Old School Joint" track and see if they're right about it.

-After a reasonable success of the "Funktafied" demo-release at UK radiostations, the time is now to" tri" the same thing in the Stars "homeland" US. As I'm not sure about TENT's marketing campaign, one thing is positive: everyone is happy about Five Star's new sound!