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(not in a particular order)

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Charles & Peter
A webpage full of images of the San Diego performance on Saturday July 21st, 2001. Plus QuickTime captures!
Last update: Aug. 2001.

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5 Star World
A warm welcome to another Five Star-world...
This page contains some very creative designs & enjoyable information about 5 Star.
Last update: Sept. 2001.

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Brand New World
A brand new site with some nice pictures and an updated News-section, hosted by Greg.
Last update: Oct. 2001.

The Five Star Service Online
Michael is the only one with a Five Star Fanzine in the world. Check TFSS out online!
Last update: Sept. 2001.

Soul Brother's Five Star Tribute
Started in 1999. Test your star-knowledge 'cause he's truly the quizmaster of all 5 Star webmasters!
Last update: Oct. 2000.

Jeremy's Five Star Page
A very brief and honest "novel"-like fansite. With personal reviews on all the official 5 Star albums, and lot's of extra pictures.
Last update: March 2001.

Sven's Five Star Homepage
Sven started this site somewhere in 1997. The strong thing about this site is it's fast and huge Discography.
Last update: Jan. 1998.

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Newman's Five Star Fanatic Site
Michael Newman's site was created in March '99.
It's the place to be for "Crunchie-Tour" Fans!
Last update: January 2001.

(not in a particular order)

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TENT Records
Five Star's own recordcompany.

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Five Star Yahoo Club
Join in, become a member and share info and pics!

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The Pearson Possie Hangout
Linda & Karl created a 5 Star Yahoo Club & chatroom.

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Michael's Five Star Messageboard
Drop messages on this user-friendly board.

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Five Star I-Music Bulletin Board
There's always a lot going on over there...

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Find Five Star stuff on the world's online marketplace.
A good place to find Five Star material.