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"...3 of us went ahead, so we're gonna go with that untill it's all good to get back together.." (Denise & Lorraine in Exclusive TV, Channel 5, 2000)




September 2001:


-Five Star will be at UK TV this weekend. The programme is called "Forever", each week they look at different year and its music, this week they are doing 1986 and featuring Five Star, it will be on Saturday night, or should I say Sunday morning, at 2am (info thanks to Robert Carter). The new single "I Get Such A High" will be released at the end of this year. TENT took the single of their website and are most probably planning a more bigger marketing-campaign for the single now. Also, a fresh new video is not unthinkable... Here is the scan of Five Star's feature in "Fluid" magazine.
And click here for a bit of Five Star in Louise's "Greatest Hits" album-review.
(scans thanks to UK 5 Star fan "K").

-And now Five Star's "new image"-picture(s) from "News Of The World", a couple of weeks ago.
Check out the article-scan, with very special thanks to the "Five Star World"-website (see also Fansites-Linkspage).
The article may not be too sweet, but at least Five Star is noticed again. They are back with a very "popstar-ish" (unlike '94/'95) remarkable new and clear image. And about Sted; it's obvious that he knows what he's doing. The make-up, the hair, clothes and's just him and a part of Five Star's image. We don't want a boring Five Star, do we? So back 'em up Fans, 'cause they're finally BACK!

I asked Mr. Pearson for some new pictures last week because I received a lot of emails from Fans and Media concerning their (great) new image. One UK-paper emailed me and called it "interesting at least..", a TV-station in Holland asked for more new pictures on The Five Star Channel for a small special on them (incl. a view at my site!).
And ofcorse every Fan cannot get enough of this and are just waiting for the rest of the photo-session on The Five Star Channel...
So let's hope Buster will react on my email and send me some of these new pics...I'll keep you informed.