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The Five Starr Channel





So here it is! Among with a few other great Five Star pages:  This is "The Five Star Channel"!

It has become a page full of unique pictures and information about  The Royal Family Of Pop" Five Star.
The group is still international well known by evergreen superhits  like "Rain Or Shine", "All Fall Down", "System Addict" and many more. Back in '86 they broke Michael Jackson's record by releasing more than 6  top 10-singles coming from only one album! In 1987 they won the BPI Award from the UK Record Industry as Best British Group. From 1983 till 1995 Five Star released almost 30 (!) singles, which includes 6 UK top 10-hits, 6 UK top 20-hits and 11 UK top 100-hits.
They released 10 albums, incl. 3 compilation albums and the UK no. 1 platinum album "Silk & Steel".

After 1990 not a lot of people (except from the fans ofcorse) are familiar with their continuing career. Especially in that period Five Star proved themselves to be professional songwriters and producers. Making more "mature" albums, but still with the traditional Five Star-mix of pop, rock and r&b flavors.

It has been 5 years now since they released their last album "Heart & Soul"...But the Five Star-future looks bright AGAIN, with a   new single out soon and a brand new album due to be out in 2000 on the MCA-label.

Please feel free to email me anytime for suggestions, questions and reactions.

Enjoy, Anco.


Proud to present: My personal birthdaycard that I received on my 25th birthday on the 20th march of 1996. Thank you Five Star!

"Hey Anco Happy B-day All the Best - Five Star"