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The Five Star 2000-ComeBack-Survey!

As Fans We Are Able To Help Five Star With Their "Comeback" This Year. So Why Not? Please Let Me, And Especially Five Star/Buster Know What You Think Of This new 2000-Album By Filling In This Form. This Will Be Send Directly To Buster Pearson Next Week!

1. Why Do You Think Five Star Should Make A ComeBack This Year?:

2. If You Had To Come Up With A New Image For Five Star, What Would That Be?

3. Maybe You Could Give An Image Description For Each Member Of Five Star


4. What Should The Cover Of The Cd/Single Look Like?

5. How Should The Video Look Like?

6. What Kind Of Music Must Five Star Release To Chart Again?

7. Should Five Star Make A Christmas Single This Year?

8. In 1988 Five Star Changed Their Image Dramatically.
Do You Think Five Star Has To Do The Same Thing This Year, Just To Be Noticed?

9. Learning From The Past, Name A Couple Of Things Five Star Musn't Do Nowadays.

10. Name A Couple Of Producers, Artists, Groups And Writers Five Star Could Work With In The Future?

11. If You Have Any Ideas For Five Star's 2000-ComeBack Please State Your Comment Here: