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Full Name: Stedman Pearson Jnr.
Birthdate: June 29th 1964
Starsign: Cancer
Marital Status: not married.
Children: No

Fave Colour: Pastel, blue & cream.
Hobby(s): Painting, photography
choreography and his Rolls-Royce.
Part in Five Star: Costume designer,
styling, background vocals, working at TENT.

Latest Activities:  In the mid-'90's Stedman
formed his own dance-formatation
called "Clique" when living in Europe.
Current situation: Stedman lives in CA now and is
"envolved" with a woman who lives in Switzerland.

Stedman's Personal Discography:

Self penned song:
Feelings, 1990.
(released on single as b-side of "Shine" in 1991).
Self penned instrumentals:
Pure Energy, 1985.
Stone Court, 1986.
U, 1988.


Extra picture gallery Stedman: