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The artists below are in a way related
or connected to Five Star,
Page 1:

Buster Pearson (Related) Productions (K&B/TENT):

Artist: Title: Year:
Al Marshall: Dance With Me --
I Like The Way You Dance (TENT1)* 1982
I'm Gonna Make This A Night You Will Never Forget (TENT 2)* Jan. 1983
Be My Guest/The First Time (TENT 3) Jun. 1983
Buster Pearson: Ain't It Groovy (BIGSHOT616) 1973
Big Funk (ACT4612)* 1973
La La La (TOR55) 1975
I Wanna Thank You 1974
Ain't It Groovy (KB 5514) 1975
Pretty Girl (KB 5522) 1976
Take It Easy --
You Keep Me Hangin' On/Pretty Girl (RSR01) 1982
The Duel: (There's A) Living To Be Made/Not My Kind Of Love (TENT5) 23 Apr 1988
Tell Me Why Love Dies (TENT7) 23 Jul 1988
*also available on b-sides Five Star "Problematic", 1983 & "Hide And Seek" and "Crazy", 1984.

Delroy Pearson Related Productions (Redeye Productions/TENT):

Artist: Title: Year: Remarks:


-Just A Little Bit
1994 If you listen well to "Just A Little Bit" you can hear Delroy singing along with the chorus..
Louvette: -Pure Emotion 1995 Delroy did the drum-programming on her album.
Ricky Bell: -Ricardo Compana 2001 He produced a ballad on Ricky's album called "Come Back".
Terrell Carter -Cryin' 2001 Del produced this one.
From the o.s.t. "The Court".
2Be3 -My Favourite Flavor 2001? Del has co-written this song with Lindy Robbins and Joey Elias for this French "sex symbol"-group.
For Delroy's productions on Five Star go to Delroy's Profile.

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