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About the site...

My name is Anco Van Hall, nickname "Hall-ey", and I'd like to introduce to you "The Five Star Channel" on the above address. As a huge fan of family popgroup Five Star, I decided to start a fanpage back in March 1999, called:
"A Fresh Five Star Fanpage". It did appear on the net but because of unfortunate circumstances it never really took off.

I was determined to get a better one started on later that year. Everything was ready, the ideas, the stories, even the graphics I worked on all those months..., but no proper web-program. Until I started to work with Aaron, a good friend of mine who teached me how to work with professional design software & the "html-language", thank you man, you're the best! Finally at the 28th of November 1999  the page spurted out from my hard-disc into cyberspace, celebrated with a nice bottle of champaign!
Right after the launch the reactions of Five Star-fans were more then fantastic. Even Five Star father/manager Mr. Buster Pearson reacted and called this site "brilliant". Because of all the positivity my motivation to try and bring Five Star back in the music-media is still growing. I'd like to think that I already helped a bit in 2000...

Some of The Five Star Channel's achievements:
- Week 9, 2000: "Website Of The Week" at (online music shop), address sent to over 28000 (!) subscribers.
- Confirmed and appreciated by Buster, The Five Star Channel is getting official News through different representative sources, coming directly from TENT.
- July 2000: UK Popmag "Smash Hits" confirmed reading this site while giving Five Star a "Coolest Top 20"-position.
They mentioned this site, but not by name.
- July 2000: the "Radioscope" website gives this site a mention together with Mr. Buster Pearson as a source for Five Star's comeback.
- August 2000: The well respected "Blues & Soul" magazine states this site to be "the group's website".
- September 2000: The Five Star Channel is mentioned in US r&b "Fresh Magazine".
- November 2000: Several music-websites are stating Five Star's comeback, with The Five Star Channel as resource.
- December 2000: An unique remix project is started on this site, with a conclusion in 2001.


This site wouldn't be the same without the help of many other people. So here's a personal "thank you" to all of you (die-hard Five Star Fans) out there in the world who helped me,
(in a random order):
-Lton-Aaron-Mr. Pearson-Julian-Leron"Mr. Five"Peterkin-Kevin-B'Zar-Michael"Five Star Service"Silvester-K.Beekvelt
-C.Douglas-Major Tom-Shake-SoulBrother-Jamie Martin-Darron Smith-Sven"Five Star Homepage"- Larnzell Harper Jr.
-Queen Of Worthing-Stuart-Martin (NL)-Debbie Voller-TENT Records...
(plus the ones I forgot now and I'm going to add later!) THANK YOU!

The Five Star Channel/Anco Van Hall/Hall-ey Productions cannot be hold responsible for all the news and information that is provided by different sources through this website.
All pictures & logo's which are altered or (re-)designed, are made by Anco Van Hall for Hall-ey Prod. 2001 .
Pictures, text & ideas on The Five Star Channel used by kind permission.


The Five Star Channel is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Phone: +31(0)625384007. For more information please email me.