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"...3 of us went ahead, so we're gonna go with that untill it's all good to get back together.." (Denise & Lorraine in Exclusive TV, Channel 5, 2000)




October 2001:


An interesting email from Leron:
"Here's something noteworthy.  I was on AMG (All Music Guide) and I found that Denise has lent vocals to an album by a Jazz Musician named Dunn Pearson, Jr.  Coincidentally, they are both Pearsons right?  LOL!   Anyway, Five Star and Dunn were with the same distributor at one point called PPI (Peter Pan International).  They used to distribute workout tapes by Denise Austin, but they ventured into music back in about 1995 and took on Tent Records as one of their labels.  Anyway, I can DISTINCTLY hear Denise singing in the first two songs from this album. The first track is called It's Midnite (Intro) and the second track is It's Midnite, full verison. Listen to the snippets they have provided on CD-Now".

More exciting News coming up later this week!!! (Wow, so much News to tell!). Anco ;)


Leron emailed me today with the following exciting News:
Hall~ey, As you already know, The BBC is interested in doing a show on Five Star. They've accepted and BBC 2 will be over to spend 10 days with Five Star to shoot an hour long program.  It's going to be all new footage, with perhaps a few old clips. Spoke with Mr. Pearson about this yesterday and he's quite excited!  Thanks to you this has happened!"

Wow!!! (((Proud)))!


Five Star's own recordlabel and website TENT RECORDS is temporarily of the internet. Ironically we were just about to congratulate the Pearson Family with their 1 year anniversary of the TENT Records-website. Just like exactly one year ago the site is having an update. This has all to do with the coming release of Five Star brand new single "I Get Such A High" in the near future.

Last month I received a couple of emails from TV-producers who were interested in making a documentary about Five Star. I will share some emails with you all (names producers are respected):
-"Hello I'm writing from BBC Television. I am doing a programme on Child Superstars in the next couple of weeks and would be very interested in talking to any members of Five Star. Would you know who their agent is now and where I might be able to get in contact with him. Everyone I have contacted doesn't seem to know. Hope you can help. Thank you for your time".

And another one...:
-"Firstly I must congratulate you on your Five Star site, it's really impressive. I was hoping to get in touch with the revival band members in connection with a documentary series I'm making about people who have been through tough times and are getting themselves back together for TV here in the UK (sorry I'm not sure if you are UK based or not). Do you know if there are any plans for a UK appearance, when the new single is released and do you have any tips on how to get in touch with them and Buster (did he stay in the UK or does he also live in LA?). If things work out I'll certainly keep you posted with developments. Sincerely, ... Producer RDF Media".

I forwarded these emails ofcourse to Buster. Unfortunately Buster wasn't interested in RDF Media...
(RDF Media not to confuse with RDMJ Media by the way)

It seems that in the most recent comeback-specials about Five Star, Mike Stock from hitproducer-trio, Stock, Aitken & Waterman (SAW), always has his (negative) opinion ready about the Pearsons. On the other hand he also seems to admire the band..
One week ago (11/10 2001) he claimed in a Dutch TV programme called "Typisch Tachtig" ("Typical Eighties", and based upon BBC's "I Love..1985"),  that Five Star was one of his "hitfactory" stars (?!).
Yeah, as if Mike...dream on!

Do you think we Fans would be so lucky? No, probably not, but it's a nice try. I just do not know who's behind this.
It's a description of "her" together with her 2 sisters and brothers, She and her "friends" decorated the personal pages a bit with a variation of pics collected from different Five Star websites (what happened again with website-copyrights?).
At least The Five Star Channel is one of "Deniece's" favourite websites. Well thank you, your highness! ;)
Curious now?! Ok, check it out on Deniece-Blackplanet-memberspage