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"...3 of us went ahead, so we're gonna go with that untill it's all good to get back together.." (Denise & Lorraine in Exclusive TV, Channel 5, 2000)




March 2001:

14-03-2001: The brand new Five Star album is now officially released through the internet!
Some fans from the US already had the pleasure to receive it at home. The rest of the fans in the world have to be a little more patient, but it's on the way now, that's for sure!

Please take notice of this:
From now on I'm collecting opinions, reviews and reactions about the new album and single. So, if you feel the need to express yourself about Five Star's new material, good or bad, please let me know and I'll give you some personal space on The Five Star Channel! This will also be an essential feedback for the Pearsons themselves.
So, don't hesitate and email me.

Check out 3 brand new Lyric-pages coming from the "Eclipse" album! More to come this week. (Special thanks to the ones who provided me this so quickly!).


Collected news from Leron:
-"Just thought I'd let everyone know this. I just purchased Ricky Bell's CD Ricardo Compana and he mentions Delroy in his credits. Ricky has done pretty much the same thing that Five Star has done. He has his own record label and has released his album via the internet. Just imagine my surprise in reading Del Pearson in his liner notes. As I remember, I think Mr. Pearson said that Del was in studio with Ricky while he was mastering the album. Good for you Del. He produced a track on Ricky's album as well. The track is called "Come Back". It is track #5 on the CD and it's a nice ballad".

-"Five Star should appear in "Q Magazine" next week. This is a UK magazine, so all you British fans look out for it".

Other News:
-As almost every fan may know by now, Five Star appeared again on TV on the BBC show "I love 1986". I didn't see it yet, but if you believe the reactions of the fans, it went very well. I should get some copy's I hope, so I will let you know more about this soon.
In the time being you can check out Michael's Five Star Service-site for some unique stills he made from the show (find it on the "Links"-page).

-Remember the remix-project of Jamie Martin (the audio remixer and a representative for Michael Jackson's 'News International World Network) ? If not, read the December 2000 News-page. The Five Star Megamix is as good as ready, compiled with the Five StarTop 7 you all have send me last year. He will send me a copy of it when it's finished. If the Megamix is gonna be official released depends on Jamie's connections in the music-business. More News about this soon.

-If everything goes like promised and planned , the "Eclipse" album and "Funktafied" single will be shipped  out to us one of these days; Jenny from TENT emailed this to some fans.

-As you noticed by now, the covers of "Eclipse" & "Funktafied" are changed again.
This should be the definate designs. It's obvious TENT decided to drop the group-pictures because their are three members left now. Honestly I prefer a picture. And why not?
I tried to fresh-up "Eclipse" a bit for the "Album-page" and made a new "Funktafied"-cover, (photo thanks to L. Peterkin).