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"...3 of us went ahead, so we're gonna go with that untill it's all good to get back together.." (Denise & Lorraine in Exclusive TV, Channel 5, 2000)




August 2001:


-Five Star has another feature in "Fluid" magazine (a gay magazine similar to "Attitude").
They mention Five Star's comeback at number six in their list of "things we are talking about", saying they have a "barn storming new single". Also they mention that Louise has covered the Five Star-favourite "The Slightest Touch".
(info thanks to UK 5 Star fan "K")
I couldn't find the magazine over here in Amsterdam so hopefully someone can help me out with some scans?

-As most of the Fans know by now, Denise had a very fine birthday on the 13th of June esp. because of the self-written chart-attack-track that week of "Funktafied". Well, the song is out of all charts by now, so time for
After "Funktafied" charted on the 7th of July (#99) it fell of the chart, meaning that Five Star's "Funktafied" was (only) for one week 1 of the 100 most popular r&b singles in the US R&B Hot 100 Billboard Chart. As I said before, still an achievement as "Funktafied" hadn't the support of a video (!) and major recordlabel/marketing.
So again: Congratulations!
The single still was in the Billboard Sales Charts. In the next 2 weeks it dropped to #55 (after making it as high as #26!).
The week after it jumped again from #55 to #35, but the week after it dropped to #44. (info thanks to "Leron").

-Five Star's new single is best-album-track "I Get Such A High" and will go as a promo to (US) radiostations these coming weeks. The single is now official out, so you can order it at TENT!!!

-Lorraine also had a very good birthday on the 10th of August as her birthday was mentioned in UK's most successful Music Television Show "Top Of The Pops (2)"  on BBC2 (8/08 '01 & 11/08'01). They even played a very nice TOTP-live performance of "Can't Wait Another Minute" from their '86-archive. After asking what Five Star was doing now they reported that they had a chartposition with "Funktafied" in the US at the moment.
I  didn't see it myself, so if someone recorded it pleas let me know, so maybe we can swap, thanks :)

-Michael Jackson's long awaited new single is called: "You Rock My World"...
No cover ofcorse Fans, but I was surprised as well of it's Five Star rip-off title.
Another kinda Five Star rip-off; Check out UK "RCA" supergroup "FIVE"s new album cover (esp. their logo!).

-And finally, because of a growing amount of visitors (last week 176 visitors in one day!) and more News, I decided to update The Five Star Channel more frequently in the future. Meaning that I won't place an Update- message on a bulletinboard all the time. I advice you just to check out the Update-page on The Five Star Channel frequently so you won't miss out anything! Thank you.


-Five Star features in this months issue of UK Gay-magazine "Attitude". It's a two-page story written by John Tiffany and he mentions the Five Star websites and their new album (which is "Eclipse" by the way and not  "Funktafied" John, that's the single). He mentions lot's more...lot's positive, some negative, make up your own balance.
Check out the scans on page 144 & 145 (they're large files!).
(info thanks to UK 5 Star-fan "Darren").

-More additional News for Louise's Five Star cover of "The Slightest Touch". Mr. Beekvelt contacted her management last weekend and they told him that she recorded this Five Star classic because it was one of her best '80's favorites. There are no plans yet to release this song as a single in the near future. But if Louise is going to Tour again, it's most likely she's going to perform it. "The Slightest Touch" will be available on Louise's new album called: "Best Of Louise: Changing Faces" and will be released in the UK on the 10th of September.

Because of this I got some Lyric-requests for "The Slightest Touch". So here it is Fans, back to the ole days...


-I'm very pleased to announce that after almost 2 years of The Five Star Channel's existence, this website is now OFFICIALLY recognized by Mr. Pearson as the main source for all Five Star-News!
Here's the email I received from Buster yesterday:
"Anco, Thank you for your email. It's great to name the "five star" channel the main source for News on FIVE STAR,
Mr. Pearson."
Let this be the beginning of a more closer and better look on Five Star's future plans. Cheers!

-The so called young "Queen Of Pop" Louise (ex-Eternal), re-recorded Five Star mega hit classic "The Slightest Touch"
(UK #4 1987). It will be available soon on her "Greatest Hits" album in Europe.
For more information go to this Louise-website. (info thanks to 5 Star-fan "Shake").

-Not officially confirmed (as far as I know) but most likely: Five Star's new single will be the highly acclaimed "best-Eclipse-track" "I Get Such A High"! I'm sure everyone will be very happy with this decision as this is a real favorite among Fans. More info on the new single soon ofcorse.