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"...3 of us went ahead, so we're gonna go with that untill it's all good to get back together.." (Denise & Lorraine in Exclusive TV, Channel 5, 2000)




April 2001:


Happy Easter everyone.
You should know by now that Five Star is featured in the May issue of UK "Q" magazine. Almost two weeks ago the magazine was already available in the UK. Therefore Michael from "The Five Star Service"-site gave Fans the opportunity to view this by email. Finally I could get a hold of it in Amsterdam this week, so as a kinda "news-channel"
I feel ofcorse obligated to show you this article too. Mind this: because it has to be readable it's quite a large picture-file. Click here to view it.


A special message by Mr. Beekvelt:
"I hereby state that I no longer represent Buster Pearson and/or TENT, and I will never represent neither one of them in the future again. I also take this opportunity to notify Buster Pearson that all contacts and addresses supplied by me to him, are notified by me that I do no longer represent Buster Pearson and/or TENT. And for that reason all contacts and addresses are no longer available to Buster Pearson and/or TENT (incl. concert promoters and agencies).
But however, I still and always will give my unconditional support to Five Star and each individual member. Which means that all contacts and addresses supplied by me will remain being available to Five Star and/or each individual member. I will also remain being very much willing to help Five Star and/or each individual member with their careers when asked (incl. recorddeals, distribution, airplay, promotion and concerts).
I do give my full support to "The Five Star Channel", hosted by Mr. van Hall, by supplying:
- background information,
- exclusive unpublished official photo's out of the archives of RCA and Epic Records,
- info about unreleased recordings,
- info about past and future releases and merchandise, and other ways I am able to help.
I would like to wish Five Star lot's of success with their new Album and Single, let's reach the top!!!
I would especially like to wish Doris Pearson lot's of success with all future plans she might have; "It", "One way Mirror" and "Get a Life Together" are real gems, I love them! Please release them in your own right.
To all other Fans, thank you very much for your unconditional support to Five Star!"

Mr. Beekvelt wrote a new "Guestpage" exclusively for The Five Star Channel, with some never before seen pictures.