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Story & research by Mr. Beekvelt.
Pictures provided by Mr. Beekvelt.


5 Star - The True Story,

"I Love You For Sentimental Reasons":

Right from the beginning Five Star was very fortunate to have some of the most loyal Fans. For Five Star having those Fans was a blessing, but sometimes it was also very much a curse. It happened way too much that Fans seem to have forgotten that the members of Five Star are normal people too, with good and bad habits like you and me. Five Star has the human right to have some privacy and to live their own lives, but some Fans always seem to forget that. In Sunningdale there were always Fans waiting outside the gates of Five Star's home, just waiting to see a glimpse of Five Star. And even today Fans phone up Buster in Los Angles expecting he would arrange a meeting for them with a member of Five Star.

Five Star in 1990: a picture from the Epic-archive.

For the Pearsons being in Five Star is just a job, maybe it's a nice and sometimes glamorous job, but they really have to work very hard and make long hours to gain every success they deserve. They all have their own personalities, and while they were children in the past they are adults now.

Lorraine is a warm and kind person; she has humor, she's loyal, and most of all she has a great personality. When she was born she was so tiny that regular baby clothes were too big and she had to wear doll-clothes instead.
She did business studies at college and used to help Buster with the office work. When she was nervous she used to raid the kitchen, and she never really liked to wear make-up.

Doris has a weird sense of humor, she is sincere, very honest as she also has a great personality. She used to be very chubby, and she used to hate her ballet lessons because she had to wear mauve tights and a tutu.

Denise is very serious, grown up and she has a big sense of responsibility. When Denise has something in mind she does everything to make it happen, no matter how hard she has to try or how hard she has to work. Singing is her life, it's not a matter of choices, she just has to sing, straight from the heart. Her first musical influence was Elvis Presley, but her singing-style was most of all influenced by Smokey Robinson. She usually composes her songs on keyboards, but she can also play several other instruments, like the guitar and the saxophone.

Delroy has the same weird sense of humor as Doris. He's sincere, honest and most of all he's very much a macho-man. His nickname is "Medallion Man" and he used to hate dancing so much that he used to burst into tears when he couldn't get the Five Star dance-routines right. It never came natural to him, but he just became determined to get it right.

Stedman is a real gentleman in everything he does. He's kind, warm hearted but like Denise he can also be very serious. He studied karate and at "Barking College" he studied Performing Arts. Before Five Star he had a part-time job as a waiter. In the group he was not very good in writing songs.

Five Star in 1990: another picture from the Epic-archive.

This picture is made by Mr. Beekvelt.
He was on the set of the "With Every Heartbeat"-video in 1989.

Denise has always been very ambitious and she once mentioned that one of her goals in her career was to gain respect from other musicians and singers in Five Star's talent and music abilities. During the years Five Star received lot's of respect by many international stars (such like Janet Jackson & George Michael ) for their professionalism, songwriting, talent and most of all for their uncanny Live-performances.
Of all artists I have seen at work, Five Star is one of the most professional act.I have never seen another act who is that well prepared & rehearsed and who are able to create real magic!

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