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Review written by Darron Smith.
Pictures by Smith/Kennedy.


Five Star Performance at "The Hop" LA,
11th Nov. 2000:

Last night's Five Star event was an incredible experience. Like
Teri said, Buster came out and found us in the crowd and asked us to come
back to say hello to Stedman, Lorraine and Denise. They were all very nice
as usual although this time, GOD bless them, they were good sports and very
patient as many pictures were taken by Teri and my friend Delious (Some of
you might know him from All-4-One).








Left to right, above:
Lorraine, Darnell & Denise
Under: Darron & Stedman


At this time, they only had about five minutes to get their focus for the show so we wished them a good show and then went out to wait for the fireworks of which there were many! 









Left to right, above:
Stedman, Teri & Denise
Under: Lorraine & Delious (from All-4-One).

They started off with "Another Weekend" followed by "All Fall Down" and "Let Me Be The One".
All of the dance moves were crisp and energetic. After they introduced themselves, they introduced the next song which was "Eyes Don't Lie". The song is so fresh, for lack of a better word, and just makes you feel good when you hear it which is typical of Five Star's music.
It just makes you feel good and with Denise and Lorraine smiling throughout,you can't help but join them. Stedman's facial expression is more serious, never letting you forget that this group is rooted in smooth, groove. In fact, during the instrumental break of "Funktafied", he did a very smooth freestyle dance solo while Denise and Lorraine felt the beat on either sideof him.
The next song in the set was "Can't Wait Another Minute" which broughtback memories, followed by another new one; "I Get Such A High". This songwas very, very interesting.
The instrumentation of it and vocal style is Five Star like you've never heard them. The song is mid-tempo and very soulful. It's a perfect vehicle to show off Denise's lower vocal register and boy does she get deep! I have to be honest and say that I was caught off guard by this song but liked it very much. There is a beautiful break in it near the end where most of the music drops out so all you can hear are the beautiful harmonies blending perfectly. After this song, they thanked the crowd, said goodnight and left the stage. Alas, it was over far too soon...

What's that? It's not over? Great! The MC came out and said "Weren't they great?
You know, I think that if you yelled loud enough, they just might come out and do one more!". Needless to say, the crowd yelled and yelled until Five Star came back out and sat on
tall stools and started to sing a song that was arguably my favorite song ofthe evening;

"Tell Me What You Want". This is an absolutely beautiful ballad and, in my opinion, was the perfect way to wind down the show. The harmonies where tight and they had us waving our arms from side to side and loving every minute of it. I don't like to do this too much but I have to single Denise out for a minute. This woman has an incredible voice.
You might be thinking "Yeah, we know that", but believe me, her voice is far better than you or I have ever heard it before. Incredibly trained and P O W E R F U L!!!
There was one particular note on this ballad that left us breathless.
She belted it out and held it for quite a long time and we were collectively amazed.

In closing, I just want to say that in hearing Five Star live, it's so
apparent that they are a group that have not only been doing this for years
but have also been doing their homework when not in the spotlight. It's been
said before but I'm going to say it again. Good things are in store for this
super-group and I Can't, I won't do it :)

Darron Smith

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