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1983: Starting their career with their very first single:   "Problematic". 1988: A major change of image, demanding the public to see them as a serious popgroup now.
1984: Continuing with two more singles. "Crazy" and "Hide and Seek" don't top the charts but have great impact. 1989: The end of the first part of their career, releasing a compilation album and changing record companies.
1985: Releasing 5 more singles, all 5 were hits, including the top 2 hit "System Addict". 1990: Releasing their self-produced and written album, simply called  "Five Star".
1986: Five Star at the peak of their commercial chart succes. With 7(!) hit-singles coming from one album. 1991/92: Looking snazzy and sounding shiny sharp with a very happy album. Their best album, according to many fans.
1987: Getting more mature now, releasing a ballad ("Strong As Steel") for the first time as a single. g87.jpg (5764 bytes) 1994/95: Back again with a very r&b and soulful love-album. With a nice summer clubhit ("I Give You Give") in the UK.