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Full Name: Doris May Pearson




Birthdate: June 8th 1966
Starsign: Gemini.
Marital Status: Not married, single.

Fave Colour: Green.
Special habits: Being Vegetarian.
Part in Five Star: Lead & background-vocals,
songwriting and choreographer.

Latest Activities:  Doris recorded some tracks for
the new Five Star "Eclipse' album.
She's not promoting the new album with the rest of the family
as she is probably busy starting up her own solo career.

Current situation: Doris lives as the only one
of the Pearson Family in the UK at the moment.

Doris' Personal Discography:

Self penned songs:
-Don't You Know I Love It, 1986.
-Knock Twice, 1987.
-Someone's In Love, 1988.
-Treat Me Like A Lady, 1990.
- Hot Love, 1990.
-Feelings, 1990.
-That's The Way I Like It, 1990.
-Lost In You, 1990.
-Surely, 1994.
-Secret From My Heart, 1994.
-I Give You Give, 1994.
-One Way Mirror, 00/01.
-Get A Life Together, 00/01.
Self penned instrumentals:
-Keep In Touch, 1985.
-Have A Good Time, 1988.
-Sound Sweet, 1989.

Unreleased self penned songs:
It, 2000.
-I'll Be Your Only Girl, 2000.


Extra picture gallery Doris:

coming soon!